The Fastest Growing Jobs In The United States

Written by: Jennifer Watkins

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The United States economy has been improving steadily over the past few years. While the majority of industries have benefited from this growth, there have been a few that have grown significantly in the recent past. The most notable of these areas have included energy, mathematics, education, home health, and much more, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though many people in these industries have benefited significantly through this growth, there are a select few positions that have been growing in demand.

These trends look to continue in the next few years, as expansion in these areas shows no signs of slowing down. This has also had quite an impact on wages; as demand for these positions increase, so too has the yearly average salary that many companies have been offering for them. With that, there are a few notable jobs that have been on an upward trend in the past few years and look to continue doing so.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Sustainable energy has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. This increased market demand has led to a considerable amount of businesses looking to capitalize on this, which has been a positive trend for many skilled laborers in the area. One of the most notable of these roles has been Solar Photovoltaic Installers. These are the people who install and maintain these systems across the country. Despite being a relatively new position, it’s been one of the fastest growing jobs for the past several years.

The position requires quite a considerable amount of expertise, which has led to many workers in the market being able to command a large salary. This is further enhanced by the increased demand for solar energy across the country. As a result, the average salary for a Solar Photovoltaic Installer has risen to $39,490. Furthermore, many experts have predicted that the demand for these workers is likely to double by 2026. This should have a notable increase in the median wage that’s offered while also becoming an increasingly stable means of employment.

This is also a position that’s become increasingly common for general laborers, as there are quite a few similarities between the positions. Furthermore, a significant amount of companies provide on-the-job training for many new employees, adding a considerable amount of value to their overall position.

Wind Turbine Service Technician

Similar to solar energy, wind power has been increasing in market demand in recent years, which has had increased the number of jobs that are available in the niche. One of the more prominent of these roles has been Wind Turbine Service Technicians. These employees are responsible for assembling, installing, maintaining, and repairing wind turbines. Because of the expertise that the position needs, the median wage for it has always been somewhat higher than many other jobs.

The average salary for a Wind Turbine Service Technician is currently estimated to be $53,880 per year, quite a considerable amount above many other positions. Like its solar-powered counterpart, this position is also expected to grow significantly and effectively double in the next few years. This growth is driven primarily by the steady growth in demand for sustainable energy, with much of this focusing on wind power.

Home Health & Personal Care Aide

The median age of the United State’s population has lean older and older over the past few years. This has led to quite an increased demand for many retirement-focused positions across the country. The most in-demand of these positions have been Home Health and Personal Care Aides, which are needed across the U.S. These are people who work with older people who need assistance in their daily lives and who may need a variety of different services. Furthermore, many of these employees also work with people who suffer from disabilities and who may be somewhat house-bound.

While many of these Health and Personal Care aides work in a client’s home, there’s a significant portion of them who work in assisted living facilities and retirement homes. These workers need to pass a significant amount of evaluations before they start, so they’re one of the more certified positions that are becoming popular. While the median income for these workers currently hovers around the $31,000 mark, demand continues to increase, which should also help increase overall salary.

Physician Assistant

Many people dream of working in the medical field but may not be able to go through medical school for a variety of different reasons. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positions that don’t require a significant amount of expertise in the area. Physician Assistants have become increasingly more common in the past few years as the medical field continues to grow. Despite not needing a medical degree, these positions do need a Master’s degree, although this is generally faster to achieve than medical school and a residency.

Physician Assistants provide a variety of basic medical procedures such as conducting physical exams and more while under the supervision of a doctor. The median salary for these positions has increased steadily over the past few years, and currently stands around the $104,860 mark. The positions are also expected to increase considerably in the next few years.

Statistician & Mathematician

These roles may be somewhat surprising for many people outside of the niche. However, both Statisticians and Mathematicians have been used in quite a few notable areas over the past few years.  While many of these focus on helping to solve real-world issues, there are quite a few common areas that they’ve been used in in the past. Chief among these have been the likes of surveys or opinion polls to collect data, or analyzing data from a poll to help a company improve its business.

There are quite a few different areas that these workers operate in. However, the government is one of the more notable employers of them, especially in the lead up to an election. There’s also the likes of research institutions and much more. This demand has led to quite a significant salary for both, with Statisticians commanding an average salary of $84,060. Mathematicians, on the other hand, command a median salary of slightly over $100,000 per year. In the next few years, both of these positions are expected to grow in demand by about a third, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While not as high as some other positions, this is still a considerable amount when compared to many other roles across the country.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t other jobs that are growing in popularity across the United States. In contrast, there are a few other notable positions that many employers are actively looking for. Some of the most notable of these include the likes of:

  • Nurse Practitioner;
  • Physical Therapist Assistant & Aide;
  • Software Developer, and:
  • Medical Assistant.

As the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has highlighted, the vast majority of demand has been limited to a few notable industries. That being said, the economy as a whole has been improving steadily over the past decade. This has benefited the vast majority of industries. However, it’s also been noted that there are a few notable ones that have declined somewhat. Despite this, many workers have been able to re-skill and find employment in some of these growing markets. Because of this, the unemployment rate currently hovers around the 4% mark, one of the lowest it’s been in years. With several different industries growing rapidly, it’s easy to see why.


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