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With the first few months of 2019 done, there have been a variety of trends that have become increasingly evident in the home design and improvement world. Through this, there have been quite a few notable areas across the home. While these are things that tend to differ slightly from house to house, and even apartment to apartment, there have been a few trends that have been increasingly popular across the country. Many of these have been highlighted by the likes of the Home Improvement Research and many more homeowners associations.

Through this, it’s been noted that not all of the trends have involved completely re-doing a home or adding on extensions. In fact, many have been focused primarily on enhancing what’s already in the home. As such, quite a considerable amount of them have been affordable, with many homeowners being focused on maximizing their home’s space and design without breaking the bank. Much of this has also been driven by the rental economy. This is primarily because renting is becoming increasingly more common across the United States.

As a result, many people have been focused on improving their home’s looks without having to tear apart a room or walls. This has also led into the affordability aspect, as many renters choose to place a tight budget on their home improvement needs. The primary reason behind this is relatively obvious, as many renters may not want to spend a considerable amount of money on a home that they don’t own. With that in mind, there are quite a few different trends that have been commonplace in the home design world.

Glass & Steel Room Dividers

Open plan homes are becoming more popular across the country. However, that doesn’t mean that people haven’t been looking for ways to divide rooms depending on what they use them for. One of the more prominent ways that people have been tackling this is by using glass and steel dividers that break up a room while still offering the illusion of space. This also allows light to spread better across the room. However, steel hasn’t been the only material that’s been used in these dividers.

Instead, people are looking at which materials, and colors, are more common across the room. This can then play a significant role in the choice of materials used alongside the glass. Some of the more common of these have included the likes of wood, brass, and others. That doesn’t mean that you need to keep these materials bare, however. In fact, depending on the choice of material you use, you’ll be able to paint and repaint them several times as you remodel or redesign a room in the future. By doing so, you’ll be able to remain flexible in how you design your room while still receiving the benefits of a more open plan room.

The use of glass doesn’t need to be bare either, as there’s quite a variety of choices when it comes to the likes of tinted and custom-designed glass. This can also change the hue of your room as the sun shines through the windows and casts the color across the room.

Accented Colors

In the past, the majority of people used one or two colors on their walls. This is something that’s been changing quite quickly over the past few months, with more people using accents to highlight their space better. This has been with a range of different colors, with the accents helping to better light up a room. This is especially true when paired with the likes of doors, windows, and a variety of other features that may be scattered across a room.

There’s also the fact that many people are no longer just thinking about the color of the wall. Instead, many are focusing on the overall room and how these colors may intertwine and interact when looking at the total space. This also includes a number of different textures that can better offset the colors used, as well as to enhance them. As such, the likes of the trim and molding are becoming increasingly important in the overall design of the home. Larger furniture also plays a significant role in this, as they can contrast perfectly with the color of the walls and help to create a more visually appealing room.

Some home improvement experts have noted that this is more common with smaller rooms. This is chiefly because using a variety of accents can help make a room feel more spacious without needing a considerable amount of time and effort.


For years, light fixtures were seen as somewhat of an afterthought when designing a room. This is something that has changed significantly in recent years as more and more people have realized how much the fixtures can add to the room. This has led to quite a few innovative and outside the box design choices. Some of the most interesting of these have been in the types of materials that are used in the lighting fixtures, with the likes of brass and wood becoming common. Much of this is driven by homeowners matching their light fixtures to the materials that are more prominent across the room.

However, one of the more notable aspects of this is the types of lights that are being used. For decades, there haven’t been many improvements in this area. However, this has changed in recent years. Perhaps the most significant of these is that more people are using fixtures that emit a light that’s more similar to the natural rays of the sun. Furthermore, smart lights are becoming more common, as these can reduce the amount of energy your lighting uses without needing to be turned on and off manually.


Many people have noted that, once they’ve finished their home improvements, they’ve regretted not spending a little more money on the project. This has primarily been because they’ve been inspired by a variety of different things after the improvement or redesign has been done. However, this is something that has served as somewhat of a warning for many who are just starting their home improvement projects. As such, an increasing amount of people are taking more inspiration than they would have before.

This has been driven by the internet, and more importantly, social media sites such as Instagram. These have been allowing homeowners and renters to gain insight into what they can do with their homes, regardless of the space and areas that they have to work with. With the amount of information and photos that are available online, over-inspiration is becoming increasingly more common. As a result, people are spending a significant amount of more time on the design phase of the home improvement process. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can lead to homeowners being happier with their choices once the process is finished.

An increasing amount of homeowners are also focused on improving their home’s energy usage, as being environmentally-conscience is becoming increasingly common. Because of this, more and more people are upgrading their appliances and electronics across the country. On top of this, it’s becoming increasingly more popular for homes to be more open plan than they were before. In the past, this has primarily been aimed at the likes of living rooms and dining rooms, although it’s beginning to become more popular with the likes of kitchens and other rooms. As such, the use of space and other aspects have become large factors in the overall design of a home.


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