Why Do We Pay Our Taxes To The Government

Written by: George Smith


This is one of the most familiar questions that we hear from the people around us. Many loathe about paying their taxes to the government, but it is necessary. Without the citizens paying for taxes, the government would stop working efficiently. Many services that are given to those who are less fortunate could stop, and it can be a catastrophe.
In the United States, businesses and professionals pay a certain percentage of their earnings as a tax to the government. Employees, on the other hand, pay their taxes too. Even if you do not have any job, you would never be exempted from paying your taxes because even the food you eat and the water you drink is taxed.

Despite the negative perception of the people about taxes and the government, they are still paying it because there can be a consequence for those who are evading their taxes. People should diligently pay for their taxes because it is their duty as a citizen of the country.

Most countries in Europe are taxing their citizens with a higher percentage, but the effects can be seen all around them – there is free education, healthcare, and security, and people are still paying their taxes because they know that it goes to somewhere.
In the United States, people are becoming more doubtful of their government, and some reconsider their duty of paying their taxes only because they do not like the leader sitting inside the White House. However, no matter who the leader of the country is, we should always be responsible enough to pay for our taxes. Here are some of the important reasons why we pay our taxes:

1. Many philosophers believe that we are paying taxes because it is the price of building a civilization. Without civil society, most of the things that we enjoy in the present would not exist. According to one philosopher, we should be thankful that taxes exist, because it defines our status as a citizen living in a state.

If you are patriotic and you love your country, start paying taxes. You would never know how far every penny you pay to the government will go. It will be used to build basic services, and you would feel more proud knowing that somehow, you managed to contribute to the growth of your country, and you were able to help your countrymen indirectly.

2. Without taxes, many defensive services will be unavailable to many people. This would include the firetrucks and the salary for the firemen, the police who are patrolling the streets at night, and the army that would protect the country from external invasion. We will become a weak nation if the tax goals are not met.

In the field of civics and society, taxes are used to build schools, hospitals, and research facilities. It provides every citizen with quality education and healthcare. Taxes are also used to pay for utilities, and you have electricity and water at home because of the taxes collected from the people.

3. In the United States, people are receiving a lot of basic services from the government, and most people think that it is already a bargain. The situation in Canada is far better – the people there are receiving an average of $41,000 worth of basic services from the government, with the taxes being their only contribution.

Some Americans are feeling envious with the services offered by the Canadian government to its people, but with proper lobbying towards the lawmakers, change can happen and people could start enjoying what their northern neighbors are experiencing. People just need to express their thoughts and let their government hear their cries.

4. If the government stopped collecting any taxes, and there is no sufficient income that could cover the state’s expenses, the economy will be in a total collapse. The government would not be able to function properly if it would incur negative budgets every year. If the previous generation stopped paying their taxes, today’s generation will be the most affected because of the lack of basic services.

The facilities where these services are provided would also be abandoned, and there could be looming chaos if the basic services that the people needs would be not able to provide by the government. There can be massive riots and protests that would make the country’s security unstable.

5. Without paying for the taxes, the basic services will be neglected, and it will deteriorate over time. When the time comes that it needs to be restored, the government would require huge funding to keep things back on track once again. Without proper maintenance of the facilities using the taxes, the basic services would stop and no one would benefit from it.

It is much better to pay for the taxes because it can be used to fund the services and there would never be a spike in the amount needed to restore it. People should work together so that others could understand how paying their taxes would help the government resolve some of the biggest issues it is facing.

6. Another casualty of a state that will immediately stop collecting taxes without an alternative source of income would be the government workers. Most government workers are hardworking people who have persevered to get to the top. They are doing their best when they are at work because they wanted the people to see that they are serious in providing services to the country.

Without paying our taxes, the government workers would no longer receive their salary from the government, and their families would go hungry. Many will be laid off if the citizens would choose not to pay their taxes.

7. Holding too much money would result in thirst in power, and taxation was put in place to stop this scenario from happening.

8. Aside from paying for the basic services, safety, and the salary of the government workers, the taxes paid to the government are also used to build transportation hubs that can be beneficial to the country’s economy. It can be used to build airports, seaports, and land transport terminals. It will also be used to build infrastructures that would connect all of the cities and locations within the state.

The infrastructures are also crucial for the growth of the economy, because without it, the goods will never be transported to their endpoint, and people would lack the choices to buy the goods that they wanted. A country with a better infrastructure system can become more competitive when it comes to trade.

9. Taxes are needed for the marketplace to work. When putting a tax on investments like stocks and hedge funds, the government would have a share on everyone’s success, and they can use this tiny percentage of money that they collected from the investors to improve the country’s economic status.

Through hard work and a leader with a political will, it can be achieved. An improving economic status of the country would mean that more investors will be coming in to open a business. This will create more jobs for the people, and the government will receive more taxes, and the cycle goes on.

10. Taxes make us an independent citizen of the state, and it gives us a lot of privileges. We need to be thankful because of the advantages given to us by taxation, and we live comfortable lives because of the existence of taxes. A state that does not collect any tax from their citizens might have extreme laws, like the Middle Eastern nations. Democratic countries that collect taxes from the people assure its citizens of freedom and independence.


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