Reasons Why You Should Become Self-Employed Today

Written by: Jennifer Watkins


There are many great benefits to being self-employed. For one, you have more flexibility, and you can set your own hours. You can even work from home so that you don’t have to spend money and time on a commute to work and home every day. People who are self-employed generally have lower stress levels and are happier because they are not rushing to work and do not feel as if they are stuck at their desk all day. The days of 9-5 jobs are transitioning to at-home types of jobs, and that means that there are more opportunities to be self-employed.

You Have Flexibility

One of the biggest draws for many people is the flexible schedule. People want to be able to spend time with their families and to do what they want when they want. Having the ability to set your own schedule is freeing and allows you to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. You don’t have to endure rush hour every day in the commute to and from work and there’s no rushing to get out the door when you are running late. You don’t have to ask your boss for time off, and if you have an emergency and have to leave work, you don’t have to worry about getting your shift covered so that you don’t lose your job. You can also take the summer off when your kids are out of school or sync your schedule to your spouse’s so that you can enjoy time off together.

You Save Money

When you are self-employed, you can save not only time but gas as well since you no longer have to commute to work if you work from home. Even if you don’t work at home, you have more flexibility over your daily schedule so you can go to work after the morning and evening rush hour. This is a big deal if you live in a larger city where a rush hour can get bad.

You Are More Motivated

Many people who are self-employed find that they are more motivated and driven to do more, to work harder, and to do their very best at their job because the harder that they work, the more likely that their company will be successful. It also means that they have the potential to make more money. When you work for someone else you don’t always get recognized or compensated for all your time and hard work.

You Are Free to Step Away

Whether you are in the service industry or if you are manufacturing a product, you get to choose what you want to do. As you become more successful, you also get to decide how much you work and when. Sometimes, even when you are technically your own boss, you have to put in a lot of time and effort and especially when you are just starting out. But, if you work hard and apply yourself, you will eventually be able to step away as your company grows and you hire employees under you to do the more mundane tasks.

So Many Options

There are several different ventures that you can choose from when it comes to self-employment. The list is pretty much endless. You can become an interior designer, you can offer landscaping services, or you can plan events for a living. You can even offer catering, become a personal trainer, or stylist. You can even manufacture products such as hand-crafted items or create paintings.

If you decide to go with something that has already “been done,” you will want to make sure that you are offering something that everyone else isn’t. It could be a small “extra” or a unique spin on the same product, but you want your products or service to stand out from all the others so that potential customers will choose you over the other guys.

Building a business means setting yourself up for success. You may have a few trial and errors along the way, but you will gain valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t. You will also learn what your market likes and doesn’t like so that you can cater to their needs and preferences.

Scale Slowly

There are several different ways that you can become self-employed. You need to decide whether you want to run a large company where you will need to hire employees to help you run it or whether you want to have a company that you and perhaps your family runs on your own. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but you do need to decide what you will be most happy doing. Often entrepreneurs will start out as a small company and will scale to a larger company. It is a good idea to start small and to gradually grow to ensure that you will be able to handle a larger business. Many business scale too quickly and fail because the transition was too quick and too soon.

Always Be Learning

There is a lot to be learned from seasoned entrepreneurs. It pays always to be learning and networking with those who have already gone through the steps to become self-employed. It is better to learn from their mistakes rather than using precious time to learn them all on your own. It is likely that you may still make mistakes along the way, but you don’t have to learn every one along the way. Read or listen to books, listen to podcasts, and subscribe to a business magazine. It will help to keep your mind sharp, will give you ideas, and will help you to make the right choice as you grow your business.

You can also take a course to help you to learn all the ins and outs of being self-employed. You will also want to invest in and learn all about the best apps and software that will help you to grow your business as well as to stay organized. Running your own business required that you have the tools you need to invoice customers, keep your books in order, and to keep track of orders. A well-run business is an organized business.

Do What You Love

When choosing your business venture, you may be limited to a certain budget or what you can be approved for when it comes to taking out a loan, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. There are ways to get the money together to get started. You can even ask friends and family to support your “cause.” There is always a way. Just be sure to choose a niche that is unique to the present market and choose something that you are passionate about. The whole point of being self-employed is to love what you are doing. If you don’t then it will be a miserable experience for you and everyone involved. Stick to what out know and what your love to do, and you will be setting yourself up for success.

It’s Satisfying

Working for yourself brings immense satisfaction and is a way for you to have the kind of life that you want without having someone looking over your shoulder every step of the way. Becoming self-employed is not always easy and to will be frustrating at times, but if you stick with it, you will reap the rewards of all your hard work.


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