Taking Your First Steps To Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

Written by: Michael Thomas


The Struggle Of Working Online.

When I first started working online my first thought was that I could just find a website that pays well. I found a website that was called Fusion Cash. You would get paid to sign up for different offers, and recruit others to do the same. This would be the first time I attempted recruiting online for a website. I was able to get a few people to join, and make enough money to cash out. I made $15.00, but it took me a whole month of countless hours to pull off.

One of the main reason it took me so long to make this money was, because I did not have any money to invest in advertising. I had to do all the advertising myself, and with no experience in that field. I had to rely on YouTube videos to guide me. Another factor that played a role was trying to convince people to join the website. The one thing I hated the most about online recruiting is that if people do not act then you do not get paid. So you basically end up work for free by advertising for a company that doesn’t pay you for it.

I realized that the time I was putting in to make money on the website did not equal the money. Even though so many had claimed to make enough money to pay the bills with the website. I myself could not. It was not, because I lac the drive to do so. It was in fact, because I had zero guidance. I did not have that mentor that had already done it himself. I needed someone that could take the time, and walk me through what I was suppose to do step by step.

Finding A Mentor Who Found Success.

When I realized that I needed help, and that I was not going to be able to figure out how to make money online by myself. I looked for a mentor that would teach me for free, because I had no money to pay. You may be surprised at this fact, but back then there were plenty of people willing to teach others for free how to make money online. The only problem was not everything you heard was the truth, and not everything your learned actually worked.

There is a huge difference between what will work for you, and what will work for someone else. It is very hard to find a program online that you can copy step by step, and make money with it. I found this out the hard way with my first mentor. His name was Bill, and he offered a free online program that was free to join. Bill himself would hold webinars where he would teach his strategies to others looking to make money online with his website. He would also hold conferences calls that would update you on the progress of the website.

After 3 months of working with Bill I did learn a lot, but I never made any money. Later on I found out that no one made any money, because Bill wasn’t paying anyone. You see, Bill required that everyone kept a record of who had join under them, and who had upgraded in the program. Getting people to upgrading in the program is what actually got you paid. The thing was that Bill never told anyone they had to do this when they joined.

So no one kept a record of there people, and even when some of the members did remember who they had signed up under them. Bill would not tell them if they had upgrade so the members could get paid. Even when the members would ask their recruits themselves for the information, and get confirmation that they did in fact upgrade. Bill still would not pay them. He instead would send you a waiting list that he had made, and would only put you on if you could prove that someone you recruited had upgraded.

After getting the run around with Bill, and his rules. No one ever got paid, and the program was shut down. What I learned from Bill first hand was the wrong way to make money online. Bill decided to keep all the money for himself instead of pay his members, and grow his company further which had great potential. Bill scammed us all out of our time, but I still feel bad for the people that upgraded for nothing. They were the ones who lost their money, and hope to finally make money online.

Trying To Hold On To Hope. Trying Not To Give Up.

After my first mentor failed me. I decided to try, and go into business for myself again. Although I did not make money with Bill. He did teach me how to successfully advertise on free social media. Website like Facebook, and Craigslist were great ways to advertise for free. I was always able to get results using these website, and the methods I had learned from Bill. So I figured as long as I could find a legit program to promote. I would get paid.

First I went back to the website that I started with, and applied what I had learned from Bill. I was so happy when my results finally kicked in. I was making ten times what I made before, and with little to no work. In a shorter amount of time. I was heart broken when I found out that none of that money would be mine. The company called Fusion Cash had changes the rules on me.

Instead of just having to make enough money on the website to cash out at $15.00 by recruiting. You now had to make $15.00 by using the offers on the website in order to cash out. This meant that you had to do task, and certain jobs on the website that literally only paid you 0.01 per task. The task could take you any where from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. There was just no way I was doing that, and they knew it.

Determined not to give up on my dream of making money online. I ran into a couple of more speed bumps. One was called the 60 Second Millionaire. This was to be a reality TV show were they would document how to turn people into millionaired by using their step by step system. I have to admit that this system was the first online program that started to work for me, but that was the problem. It started to work for me to well. I was able to create a method for myself, and others that would get results very quickly. Which meant that a lot of people were starting to make more money than the company could payout.

This was another free to join program that paid you when people upgraded. When someone joins they pay $5, and who ever recruited that person would get $10. Well, I would just pay the $5, and make $10 off of my recruits. This is what made it free for my recruits to join. I would teach them how to do the same, and they would make money with in a few hours of joining. Sometimes it would only take minutes, because I was helping people recruit others live in a chat room on Facebook. Long story short, the company ended up going into debt, and had to shut down.

Even though I did not find success at first. I never gave up on my dream to make money online. Even till this day I am still trying to find success. With every try I get closer, and closer. I make more, and more money with every attempt. I am still not able to buy a fancy car like some of those online Gurus advertise in their videos, but I can pay a couple of bills.


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