Venture Capital for Start-ups

Written by: Jennifer Watkins


There are many different kinds of businesses entrepreneurs can begin, but it is important to determine how you are going to make your first sale. Before you do invest time into your business, you should look into marketing services that provide enough methods that will attract leads and sales. The drawback is that marketing firms often cost a lot of money, and you will need to pitch a sales letter that investors will be interested in enough to provide you with venture capital. These can be angel investors who will invest in your business but they will often expect some money in return. Once you do earn some investment capital or equity from a lender, you can only spend that on the type of business you are trying to establish, such as an ecommerce store, a wordpress blogging business, or a web design business. After you obtain capital from an investor who has accepted your presentation, you will want to start finding clients for your business. That can be done through numerous marketing methods where you contact content marketers, influencers, and website owners who are in need of content for their blog.

If you are starting an ecommerce store, you will want to find the right products that will sell to your target audience. A great way to do ecommerce is to sell books because it gives consumers a variety of options to choose from in the same niche. You could also start your own library but that will require you to do a lot of stocking and inventory, which costs a lot of start up capital. That is why it would be better to start an online bookstore, where you do not have to contact suppliers in your industry, where you can have easier access to books, and where the startup costs are much less. It is called running a drop shipping business where you sell products through your shopify or woocommerce store and the merchant who owns the products will pay you your share.

The most difficult part of running a drop shipping business is finding customers, and there are several ways you can try to engage them to purchase a product. One way is to go on reddit and write a product review or guest blog on popular sites in your niche. Another way is to buy facebook and google ads to market your website online. You can then locate your target audience through keywords and categories and pay for how long your advertisement will be listed for immediate exposure. you can do that on all social medial channels, including twitter, youtube, instagram, and tumblr to maximize you website’s exposure.

One of the best ways to market your business to get sales is to contact customers directly through email marketing. But it can be very difficult to build your email list without a large following on social media. If you are working on building an email list, you could opt-in to another’s email list or contact the listserv of companies in your industry. Once you do build a large list of email contacts, you have plenty of email marketing tools that can help you to send out your message to potential customers. Mailchimp, the best email marketing tool on the internet, allows you to setup a campaign with their newsletter service. As you write your message, you can link your website for people to click on, giving them access to your store to buy a product. It also has a landing page that you can implement on your site where you can give something away for free, explain what kind of products you are selling, and how long each product will be on sale. By listing your product for sale at a down payment for a limited amount, people will want to buy your products before the price is raised. People will also subscribe to your list through a landing page, and you can connect your Facebook account to your mailchimp account, so followers from social media can subscribe to your email list.

There are also many offline methods you can use for marketing, including mailing postcards, handing out brochures, and hanging flyers outside of buildings. What could be on your flyer is information about your business, products and services, along with your website and contact information. If you are in the industry of selling health products or self-improvement books, you could print out a large packet of brochures and leave them on the table of doctor offices or on the window of bookstores. You can also write infographics to help market and explain your business by writing timetables and by segregating consumer lists into different categories of interest.

Other tools to enhance your business into productivity could be to start a podcast or youtube video where you speak about your products and services. If you do decide to implement a podcast on your website, you would want to send that to places that accept podcasts, such as Stitcher, Spreaker, Lybson, and other types of pod catchers that accept recorded audio clips.

As a result, there are many different methods of marketing strategies that you can use for your business to have success. It is important to find the best kind of investor for your startup that will provide enough capital for you to spend on marketing materials, such as social media, email marketing, and SEO marketing. Investing money in marketing services do not always work, so it might be a good idea to hire a sales representative to do the sales process for you and offer them a percentage of the product value. Join a sales representative community or finding them at trade shows can be very beneficial if you are into the sales industry.

You don’t necessarily have to do drop shipping to succeed in online sales. Another option is to try affiliate marketing, a type of business where you also make a commission of each sale that is processed. It can be very difficult to make sales for any business that is being run by yourself, and that is why it is important to find a business partner who can help you achieve results. Try researching the internet for websites of people that have a lot of experience working with other businesses. Whether it is a business agent or a broker, there are many resources out there that can help you to start a successful business.


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Venture Capital for Start-ups

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