Are You Becoming Your Work Environment?

Written by: Jennifer Watkins

The old saying is you are what you eat. But could it be true that you are where you work? I personally believe it to be true. I’ve seen it time and time again, kind-hearted people get hired on a job and eventually as time progresses they become miserable, hateful, and cunning. While it is important to be self-sufficient in this life, is risking your sanity worth it?

The Fast Food Industry

Fast food is a very stressful job because it is a fast paced working environment and typically everyone is underpaid and under appreciated. Management and crew undergo hostility and humiliation from underserved or unappreciative customers and sometimes the hostility is among each other.

As a customer, I have faced both sides of the spectrum. I use to work as a fast food employee and in my opinion, it was a very memorable experience. I considered myself a great fast food worker; however, by fast food being my first job ever sometimes I broke the rules.

What I mean by this is I accidentally made mistakes that compromised the integrity and cleanliness of the food chain I worked for. I remembered working late one night and my sister brought me a fish sandwich that she had made for my lunch. My sister handed me the sandwich over the counter and during that time frame, I was working at the fry station. Instead of me eating my lunch later I decided to eat my sandwich at the fry station while stuffing fries in boxes.

Well, a customer realized what I was doing and told on me. The manager said I couldn’t eat at the fry station. So I ran to the break room to put the rest of my sandwich away and returned to the fry station. Well, it seemed ever since that day that manager had it in for me.

While working as a fast food employee I didn’t do the same thing over and over again. Sometimes I would have to clean lobby, cashier front counter or drive-thru. To keep a long story short I was told by the crew, the manager that had it in for me was a trouble maker. She was one of those old washed up managers that had been transferred from fast food chain to fast food chain. No one liked her and soon I would find out why.

As time went on every time she would count my drawer I would be missing money. I suspect she was taking it. she was also lazy. This manager wanted to stay with the company; however, she didn’t want to do the work. If it’s busy and I’m taking orders in the lobby one would assume the manager would help get the food out to the customers. Instead, this horrible manager would use her hands to hold the bottom portion of her stomach slightly above her private and tell me to get the food out to the customers and take orders. Did she think I was Superman? She thought she was better than the GM apparently. Even the GM helped but she didn’t.

One day she told me to stay up front and cashier. I did what she requested but I ran out of cups to put the ice cream in. She told me to tell her what I needed and then she would get it for me. The problem with her twisted logic was she would always be missing in action. So logically this put me in a situation to have to get the inventory myself. When I went to the back to get the items myself she came to the back and picked a fight with me.

It was so intense I had to grab the office phone and call the GM. I was sent home that day and I was eventually transferred. I share my story to spread awareness about bad working environments due to bad and miserable management. This woman had several complaints on her from previous employees at different restaurants and all they did was transferred her.

Who Is Responsible?

I say employees are responsible for reporting bad management and the GM is responsible for firing poor management. It is not reasonable to assume just because someone has worked with a company for an established amount of time that they did a great job or practiced ethical behavior. The problem with working for someone else is typically everyone knows each other and instead of someone doing the right thing and getting rid of the lazy liability, the human resource does the opposite.

My Personality Changed

I worked at that particular fast food chain for over 2 years. I was happy and kind-hearted when I started. And after serving 2 years at that particular fast food chain I ended up being miserable for some time because getting hired wasn’t easy. If you are reading this and you are experiencing any situations that are similar don’t be afraid to speak up. I was much younger when this happened to me and I was always afraid to be vocal during those time frames. Even if a company decides to get rid of you after you have used your voice and made a logical complaint, you will be happy knowing that you stood your ground. And you will gain confidence, in the long run, to take on projects and earn more income then you could have never imagined.


I do believe in karma. When people take advantage of you someone or something will take advantage of them. Maybe no one on this earth will do it but an incurable sickness might. Maybe that manager is on a hospital bed holding her private! LOL! As a spiritual person knowing what I know now I highly recommend those who practice a higher and logical rational mind to keep a lot of their spiritual lifestyle to themselves. It is no one’s business what you believe. I suspect I was taken advantage of because of my beliefs during that time frame. And because management knew my beliefs the wicked ones wanted to take me out of character. Sometimes silence is the answer. And we do become our work environment!


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Are You Becoming Your Work Environment?

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