Career Advice that Everyone Could Use

Written by: Lauren Topper

Most people want to have a successful career and are many times fascinated about the available things to them. They have the desire to want to move up in the company and be the best they can be. There are various things that people can do to set them on the right career path. Even though their career may change throughout their life, certain principles will stay true no matter their career choice.
Networking and stay in touch with people can be quite a helpful asset with being in the job market. People want to help others who they find a genuine connection with. If someone manages to stay in touch over the years, they are more likely to reach out when there is an opening in that person’s field. They may also be more likely to write a recommendation if it is necessary. Getting someone’s business card can definitely be helpful. It would also be beneficial to write down some things about them to help in remembering who they are. Then over the years reconnect. It is great to establish connections with others who are in the same field.
Another key piece of advice is to be on time for things. Actually, it is best to arrive at least ten minutes early. This shows a caring attitude and that a person values other people’s time. Many people may not notice when someone is always early to things, but they are certain to notice when someone is always late. Tardiness can definitely hinder someone from moving up in the company and also cause others to believe they are unfocused. No one wants to hire someone who is all over the place, so it is important to try to be early just in case, there are any complications along the way. Sometimes being early means being able to have conversations with people that may have otherwise been unavailable. Being early is a definite way to be able to stand out amongst others.
Being able to elevate someone else is a huge plus. When working on a project with someone else, it is important to let others know that someone else helped with the project. This shows a level of teamwork. Sharing recognition is an effective way to team build. No one wants to work with someone who always has to be the main focus.
Another way to build a career is to always do more than expected. Most workplaces are filled with people who are doing the bare minimum on things. When someone goes above and beyond on tasks, they will definitely change the way people view them. People will notice if someone is always sitting around and not doing anything. They will look down on people who are not doing their job. When someone is being unproductive in the workplace, it usually causes other people to have to do more than their fair share of work. When someone simply does only what is necessary or sometimes do not complete tasks people definitely notice.
Never be discouraged by coworkers who are only doing just enough to get by. They may even try getting hard workers to stop working as hard. If people are serious about growing in their career, they will have to stay motivated about their work. So, never listen to someone who tries to do just enough to stay employed.
Another great way to move up in a company is to always look for ways to improve their level of service and jump at opportunities. Many times people do not jump on new opportunities because they are disguised as problems. If someone is able to solve problems, they will be more valuable to any company. People excited about new ideas and new things that are taking place within the company are more likely to have a better experience with the company. So being first to try new things is a powerful way to get people in leadership to notice a person.
Mentorship is a key formula for obtaining any goal. A good mentor will be able to tell others what their next steps should be to get to the next level. They will also be able to detail any mistakes that could possibly hurt them from getting to the goal. In most cases, it is best to choose a mentor who is either outside of the workplace or who will never be in direct competition with for any positions. This will ensure they are giving the best advice possible, and there will not be any tension.
If someone is unsure about which career path, they will choose, they should just try new things until they find something they are truly passionate about. Most people have more than one career in their lives, so it is not something that should cause anxiety in people. It is perfectly fine for someone to change their mind on what they would like to spend time on for at least eight hours of their day. If someones start a career and hate it a few years after then they have every right to change what they are doing. One thing that can cause a big distraction in someone’s career path is when they choose a career based on money. When someone makes choices solely based on money, they are more likely to live an unfulfilled life and could even have health problems because of it. They will dislike going to work and will feel drained every day when they are leaving. So even though one career path may have less of a salary, it should still be considered if a person will be happy doing it on a daily basis.
There are certain steps that people can take to enhance their career paths. They just simply have to stay open to what they are doing and be unafraid to make changes along the way. All of these things together will help people to make the best of their careers and live the happiest life possible.


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Career Advice that Everyone Could Use

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