How to Combat the Formalities of Aging from 30 and Beyond

Written by: Jennifer Watkins

Growing old is a natural process that comes with being human. Heading into old age is an exhilarating yet terrifying experience. Old age is the progress of closing on or passing the current life expectancy. Depending on the age the term varies for the older group around. The current life expectancy is 82 to 84 years old.

Ways to Assist with Healthy Aging

There are other ways everyone age while living the best life possible. Everyone would have to terms with aging mentally, physically, and internally. The changes happen slowly at first but can become well known when reaching those golden years. Talking about skin aging is one thing, but what about the rest of the body. How can one prepare for all of life’s challenges? There are many what if’s for many people when the thoughts of aging come to mind. There is not being able to work anymore, not going out like one used to, not being able to move like before, and not eating everything that was once desired. There are ways to cope with all that and continue enjoying life; these keys are:

  • Visitng the Doctor
  • Exercising
  • Dieting
  • Being Social and Active

Visit the Doctor As Much as Possible

Who likes hospitals and doctors? Most would say they do not like hospitals and do not like doctors. When aging, however, it will become essential to visit the doctor. Knowing what kind of history lies underneath one genetics can help later on in life. One average adult visits the doctor around four times a year, lest it is an emergency or based on insurance. Visiting the doctor at least once a year for a checkup can help with health and aging. With old age, the risk of heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, and diseases increase when it follows up the decline in the body seeing the doctor can make the difference to a longer life span. Anyone’s health is the top priority.

The Advantages When Exercising

There are those love exercising, and those who despise it. Exercising is an excellent and essential way to stay active as one grows older. It may not outweigh genetics and disease, but it can help much more than not exercising. In studies, physical activities assist with the longevity and health of one’s life. Reviews also say it can add a few extra years to live. As adults grow older exercising can give them the extra boost to enjoy those few additional years assigned to the 82 to 84-year life span making it possibly 90 to 95 years old.

The opportunities that are presented when exercising the maintaining of weight and shedding a few pounds. Working out will build muscles, burn off the unnecessary calories, and help that slowing metabolism. In adults, it can significantly reduce aliments and continuous diseases. In hindsight, it will lower the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and a particular type of cancers. On the flip side, it will improve as well the immune system and digestive functionality, help blood pressure and the density in the bones. With the improvement of blood pressure, bone density, weight loss, and the built muscle mass, the physical activities enhance the movement, flexibility, and balance. Adults who have conditions like arthritis exercising will help with symptoms.

Exercising isn’t just all physical improvement; it also helps with mental health. Anyone who starts a workout routine will start seeing the results of a better night’s sleep. Waking up becomes easier, and providing more energy for the new day. A little activity outside or in a gym can go a long way to helping the self-esteem and confidence. The endorphins that trail the tail of working out is a booster against the feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety. Exercising is a great way to help the body and mind.

How would the brain get its exercise while aging? Mental health activities come in a variety of forms like crossword puzzles to the simple word search. It will keep the mind sharp and slow the loss of memory, motor functions, and dementia. Working out the mind is just as important as the body.

Some exercises that one can do as they grow older is:

  • Power Walking
  • Aerobics in Water
  • Biking
  • Daily Chores
  • Weight Lifting
  • Biking
  • Gardening

There are many other activities to stay healthy and moving.

What if working out is not on top of the list or just not agreeable for everyone? Ways to make exercising pleasant or at least tolerable is adding something to the activity. People can add music in the background or their audiobooks well working out. If they are with friends, they can go out and walk for a bit. If one enjoys sightseeing or bird watching, hiking is also another decent way of getting a workout in the routine. Add something to the life that can get the body and brain moving. The minimum time when working out is 2 hours and 30 minutes at least every week.

Don’t let negative thoughts or doubt plague the mind. Exercising is possible for anyone of any age. It takes positivity and welcoming feedback, and the best goal to have is the ability to enjoy life with age still.

Healthy Eating and Dieting

A balanced and healthy diet is in conjunction with working out. A healthy diet can provide a person with a fuller life. As the aging process continues onwards, the idea and mindset have to change when it comes to eating with keeping in mind of the portion sizes, the salt intake, the fats (good and bad), the sugar, and carbs. Everything plays into aging better over time. The foods that many people love like fried foods- french fries, burgers, and anything else, is replaced with more a mixed variety of fruits and vegetables. Enriched proteins like salmon, fresh tuna, eggs, beans, and other healthy but abundant proteins are providing the heart with quality omega three fats. These proteins also help with staying in shape. Dairy is another big one to improve bone strength. Consuming low-fat dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt will give the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed.

Fats are good and bad, and it depends on the chosen fats. The link with rising cholesterol levels and the increased risk of heart disease has a connection with Saturated and Trans Fats. Balanced out those foods that are high in these fat and make it a once in a while treat. Monounsaturated fat and Polyunsaturated fat helps to protect the heart and decrease cholesterol levels. Even fats still are on the balancing act along with other food groups.

Apart from the dieting is also staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water and other resourceful fluids like juices. Water will also help the skin retain some moisture for anyone going through the motions of the day.

As people age, some nutrients are needed to help their bodies. Fiber helps with bowel movements and lower the chances of constipation. Wheat and whole grain foods will give a rich source the fiber needs — Vitamin D and Calcium to keep weight in a healthy ranger and the building blocks of strong bones. Besides milk, cheese, and yogurt with the fortification of vitamin D, dark green leafy vegetables, canned fish, and strengthen cereals also gives the body what it needs. Iron and Vitamin B12 are what provide the body the oxygen it needs to functions and keeps the brain and nervous system in working order. These vitamins are found in many types of meat, some cereals, seafood and fish, beans, and nuts. Seeing the doctor can help one figure what they need in their current age.

Taking Care of Mental Health while getting Older

The most important part when aging gracefully is your brain. Yes, exercising helps the brain with sleep and other types of diseases, but what about the feelings — social interaction. Aging doesn’t have to be isolation. It is much healthier to stay active and find stuff that makes those smile line show.

Get in touch friends and family, do something exciting, get in touch with a deeper self, and live. Staying connected is more accessible now with emails, texts, video calls, and other means of communication, going out and doing something exciting a bit daunting? Ask a friend to join in on the day.

If anything above doesn’t come to pass and routine isn’t helping, seeing friends and family isn’t adding to life, talk to someone about it. Close loved ones or the doctor can help and give the support that is needed. Never ignore these feelings as they can lead to signs of something else going in the brain. Depression is a dangerous illness to ignore if let go too long without help and support. It can lead to the golden years being tarred and an array of emptiness or other symptoms of depression.

Some symptoms are listlessness, constant aches, and pains, the desire not to do anything like the usual, that once cheerful thing not providing the same happy comfort. If any of this applies to anyone, seek assistance for it. Depression can come from different events that occurred in life, or that is how the brain is functioning now.

All is Important for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Old aging isn’t scary; anyone approaching or in their 30s or 40s should not be terrified. It is a natural process that follows the human body. There is a multitude of ways to adapt to this new change in life. It is not a knock at death’s door is the hop into a new stage of life. Remember coping, exercising, healthy eating, and living is what will make old age comfortable.


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