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You can learn stock market terms quickly by using a website like Investopedia or Wikipedia. Some excellent sites offer lots of information on the stock market for free. You will need to look at 2-3 of them and find out which one you prefer to use.

Can anyone invest in the stock market?

Anyone “can” invest in the stock market, but often each state will have their age limit set and also investment companies set an age limit by which a person can open an account in which to invest. Some companies allow parents to supervise their children to make investment choices. Otherwise, 18 is the right age for any investor to start.

Should I begin in low-cost stocks?

To begin with, a low-cost stock that is $1-5 is an excellent idea. While you are starting your journey, it is good to get the basics of the terminology down and to build or develop a strategy to invest. Having this extra time or develop stock market essentials will pay off later when you begin trading in big-dollar stocks. A period of experimentation will allow you the investor to test your ability to withstand the pressures of how you will react when you lose or gain in the stock market. It is good to have a small notebook which you can use to jot down your reactions on your first lose or increase in the stock market.

Should I open an investment account?

As mentioned in the question above, having an investment account is one of the primary requirement in the beginning to make a stock market investment. Having an investment account with a significant stockbroker will allow you to have all the research and investment tools available ot the same investors across the board. It is not the tools that make the investor, but how the tools that are used that distinguishes investors. Having an investment account will allow using the investment library to learn and develop winning strategies for your investment career and lessen your chances of making unnecessary mistakes.

Can I invest by using my smartphone?

Yes, you can invest in using your smartphone. Today, most all the tools that brokers allow their investors to have on their laptops are made available on all electronic devices. Stockholders can observe their investments moving in real-time. The investor can check on their investments throughout the day. And Having a smartphone allows real-time stock market access. While you can invest in real-time using your smartphone, be sure to check with your employer to get permission to make investment decision while you are on the clock at work.

Do I have to pay for every investment trade I make?

Most brokerages charge you when you use a broker to place a bid for you, though in the past 4-5 years there has arisen a couple of companies that allow you to have an investment account and make a trade without incurring the cost and they can do this by using specific advertising dollars they receive from advertisers on their site. Just look up “free investment trades” to find these companies and how they operate and what they expect from their investors who have accounts.

What do they mean by investment risk?

Investment risk is how much risk you are willing to take in investment while it is active and being traded. An analogy may help here, which I will give. You are a tight rope walker, and you are not willing to go beyond 5′ off the ground as opposed to your competitor who is ready to go as high as 50′ and his competitor who walks on the same rope but 200′ above the ground. The height is equal to the amount risk of losing $5, $50, or $200. Another level of risk is the volatility of the stock. For example, the stock you are trading usually is increasing or decreasing in a pattern of plus or minus $3 ever two to three days but at least once a week increases by $10 or decreases by $7. There is no investing in the stock market without experiencing some slice or high risk. There is no exact answer to predict how your stock will react to the market demands for any day.

Can I find free investment classes online?

There are hundreds of free classes that are available to you online where you can learn a depth all you need to know to invest in the stock market. Major brokers like Charles Schwab, E*Trade, and Fidelity Investments are all eager to teach their investors, since by teaching an investor to win they also will earn you as a client and hopefully you will continue to invest thru them.

Can I make money investing?

Yes, you can make money investing, and some people learn to produce large amounts of money investing by having set strategies they use and make decisions based on reason and not on emotion. There are specific strategies investors use to lessen their chances of losing big in the stock market. Some plans are called stop orders, and they keep an investor from losing to a lull in the market or going beyond their strategy comfort zone. Here is an example. You purchased ABCD stock at $3, but it is now trading at $3.20, so you place two stop orders one at $2.90 and the other at $3.30 so that you do not lose more than 10% of what you paid and you sell at $3.30 to keep within your strategy of not gaining more than 30% of what you paid for the stock.

Can I beat the stock market?

There are very few people who beat the stock market overall, but there are some people who learned to beat the stock market in small ways by what is called day trading. A day trader buys within a small margin and sells quickly when the market goes up a few cents during the day. Because they purchase large amounts of the stock and sell all that they bought throughout the day, they can sometimes accumulate $10K of gains in a day.


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