How To Deal With Old Age And Still Have A Great Life

Written by: Jennifer Watkins

The most interesting about old age is when young people talk as if they are never going to get old. Aging doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. One reason a lot of people dread getting old because they are not as physically fit or healthy as they used to be. Old age isn’t something we can dodge, but will eventually have to accept. It’s a way of life that has been going on for years. However, with today’s technology and what’s ahead in the future, aging might be a thing of the past. Researchers are currently working on all type of ways the aging body can remain young and vibrant. Whatever the case may be, old age shouldn’t make you depressed nor should you feel like life is over. There are plenty of people living well into their 100s and are still running marathons. Here are some ways you can deal with old age and still have a wonderful life.


One of the best things you can do for yourself as you age is continue or start good health habits. It can be hard while raising a family, heading to work and falling asleep on the couch after a busy day. Old age can creep up on us by either the number of age we are or how we move. We’ve all seen some people on a walker and they might only be in their 50s. Others can be well into their 90s and on their second marathon or rely race. It all comes down to your health with old age and how well you manage it. We are all going to age for sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel horrible. Some people shockingly are still in their 60s partying like they are at college. Get rid of bad vices you did when you were younger. You just might find that for some reason a simple beer doesn’t work with your high blood pressure.

Aging relatives

One thing you can do is look at the aging people around you. Old age is often near us and we can benefit on seeing what some of them are doing to either stay healthy or what they are still doing to feel bad. It can be a little awkward to ask people about their health as many aren’t too willing to give up any information. It’s also difficult to talk about if that person is aging poorly. Those that are fit often are more willing to tell you what you can do. That’s not to say if you have a relative that is still smoking and wants to tell you about the warning signs, then listen up to what they have to say. We can learn a lot from our aging relatives because we can also see how we might age when we get there. It can be a big wake call to change your life so you don’t need a breathing machine a few years from now.

Get out More

Just because your aging doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house. Many people in their 80s go on a daily walk, talk with friends, swim and head out to dinner all in one day. You should always find time for the outdoors. This can be in a simple walk around the block to where you go to a performance with friends. The trick with old age is to fight off the loneliness that you might experience since now that your kids are gone. Keep as busy as possible and enjoy life for what it has to offer. Search around your community to see what you can get involved in. Consider doing volunteer work or even taking on a part-time job. Maybe you want to do something out of the box and start your own video channel and share your experiences. Many people can always benefit from an older person who has worked 40 years in an industry and can share some good tips.


Money can be a great thing when you are hitting old age. If you played your cards right, you might be sitting on a nest egg that allows you to travel the world. On the other hand if you are still working, it doesn’t mean you need to be depressed. For one, when we get older we don’t need as much. Our wants and needs change. No longer do you need six to five outfits to change into when meeting with friends. You see the logic in the advertising and have more resistance because you’ve been there and see it all. You learn to become frugal and that life is not something you waste away. Saving money becomes an interest and maybe you want to get into a new venture that goes against your old younger personality. There are many things you can do with money at old age. Seniors are still working and even setting up online businesses. The job market is changing and many older people are working the chat lines and doing customer service behind the scenes.

Old age isn’t as scary as one might think. We all will age and pass on like life intended it to be. However, as we age each year we can learn that it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Our health becomes one of the most important factors that determines if we are old or not. You need to take great care of your body every day as the years will soon catch up with you. Aging relatives are a good source to start with if you are looking at what you might suffer from as you get older. You can also learn something from your grandparents or an aging cousin. These people have wisdom that they can share with you. Your money situation will probably change as well with old age. You will find you can get rid of things more easily and don’t need much.


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