Environmental “Green” Technology: The Trend That’s Entering a Boom

Written by: George Smith

Green technology is catching on in the present day. It’s absolutely everywhere. Many countries are starting to see the truth of the need for sustainable sources of energy and other processes as the future comes closer by the day. It’s not just about climate change either, it’s about being able to create energy day by day with as little extra costs related to that as humanly possible. This is one of the main reasons why countries want to get off of coal and oil. It’s obvious that there’s only so much of it in the Earth.

You can’t just go around using coal, oil, or other limited resources forever. Any country that does that is going to find itself in serious trouble when those resources dry up. Here are some example of current technologies that are “green” in nature to some degree, or at least those that are sustainable and not reliant on being able to find a limited resource in the ground forever.


This is, as of yet, still a theoretical technology. It’s the corollary to “fission” nuclear technology that splits atoms apart. Instead, this technology tries to fuse them together. This fusing together releases an unbelievable amount of energy. In theory, it could keep the energy going for a long time. In essence, it would be like creating a miniature sun that we can use on our own, here on Earth, to produce a near limitless amount of energy for the foreseeable future. The trouble with it, of course, is that it’s extremely difficult to sustain. To date, no one has created a fusion reaction that lasted for more than fractions of seconds. It also requires delicate control of magnetic fields in order to function and to be safe in the sense that it provides energy without melting down the entire neighborhood.

However the promise of fusion technology, an energy source that takes little resource to get going and sustain, is such that countries are pouring resources into it. This is definitely a potentially life-changing thing that could transform energy on a mind-boggling scale.

Alternative Nuclear Energy

Other possible technologies related to this that are currently being researched and debated include thorium reactors for nuclear energy. This substance is actually naturally-occurring. The substance is three times more plentiful in the Earth’s crust than Thorium. The other advantage it has is that it is easier to dispose of, and the waste it produces won’t tempt people to turn it into weapons. Currently, many politicians, such as Andrew Yang, are proposing to create this technology more abundantly in order to provide sustainable energy.

This sort of reactor was discarded in the past due to the government’s interest in using the waste material to create weapons. However, this isn’t necessary, any many people are currently saying that thorium reactors would be superior in terms of safety and in other categories as well.


Another important way of creating sustainable energy through technology includes the solar panel. This has obviously been an approach for a long time, but there was the caveat in the past that solar technology was incredibly inefficient. Fortunately, this is changing, and there’s a sense in which the technology is becoming more and more efficient every day. After all, the sun is the source of just about all energy in the solar system, so it would stand to reason that we should derive as much energy from it as possible.

Recently, there’s even been talk of adding solar panels into orbit, in order to get more energy from the sun directly without there being any interference, and then beaming this energy back down to Earth for use by humans. We want to add solar panels to every available surface on earth, especially in areas that get a lot of sunlight. The other thing worth noting here is that there’s also something like a heat panel, that harnesses heat instead of sunlight. In areas where there is a lot of heat, this could also be highly useful for harnessing energy, and it’s a technology that is currently being used and improved upon.


Green technology is all about the location that you’re in, or it often is. For example, if you’re in a location that isn’t very sunny, but it’s around where there’s a lot of wind, then an excellent technology to try involves wind energy. This is what many governments are doing these days. Windmills have hands that spin around and around in the wind, activating a turbine that creates electricity that can then be used to support any number of devices. Many areas that have fields will fill them with wind turbines in order to take advantage of open areas that tend to have wind racing across them continually.

Other Technologies

Kinetic energy is a source people often forget about, but it is used in some areas. For example, some train stations have been designed to take the energy created from thousands of people walking across its surface and then translating this energy into electricity that can be used to run things like escalators. There’s a lot of potential in this kind of approach as well. It could be used theoretically in any area where there are a lot of people such as bus stations, train stations, malls, shopping centers, and just about anywhere else. The truth is that there’s energy available all around us all the time, and it’s just a matter of trying to find the right way to capture it.

Overall, green technology is on the rise and it’s transforming the way the world sources its energy. This is becoming more and more important daily.


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