Finding The Proper Retirement Planning For Your Life Goals

Written by: Lauren Topper

When you are new to the workforce retirement seems like something that is very far away. It is less of a priority because you may feel like you have how many years to save for it. This typically leads to a way of living where you assume that you have more disposable income than you really have. Money that could be set for retirement may be spent on frivolous things that are not essential. It becomes much easier to plan for retirement and actually retire in the time frame you would like when you start early.

Compound Interest

You cannot overlook just how much compound interest plays a big part in your retirement. People that started late in life realize this, but it is often too late. A person that starts saving for retirement at a young age will benefit from compound interest even when they are only saving small increments. The money grows over time. You have the ability to build better savings when it comes to the compound interest because this money will accumulate more interest overtime. If you start late in life you do not reap the same for long-term investing benefits that others will acquire if they started decades before you did.

Retirement Planning

The biggest mistake that people can make, aside from missing out on compound interest early in their work career, is failing to engage in retirement planning. It seems like something that you will be able to do as you are getting closer to the retirement age. That is the wrong manner of thinking. People should start finding out what their options are when it comes to retirement as soon as they get a job. They need to start talking to retirement planners and look at plans that are going to work best based on their lifestyle.

Some people stay with one company for a lifetime. This is rare but it does happen. For people that have this type of fortitude it is a good idea to look at the 401K plan that this company may offer. If you are someone that moves from one company to another an IRA or a Roth IRA may be more in line with your lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of rolling over a 401k to an IRA plan because you already have one.

There are a lot of different options available, and retirement planners can give you good estimates on how much you will need to save in order to retire at a certain age. You want to be able to put this amount aside and let the interest build over time.

Slow growth, Moderate and High risk investing

Compound interest is great for those that start early, but even the early starters have to consider how they are going to diversify their portfolio. There are a number of options when it comes to investing, and the amount that you have when you retire is going to be based largely on the amount that you have set aside. You definitely need to know how much it is going to take to make your retirement feasible at the age that you desire. For some people going with the high-risk investments is going to be the best option. For others it may be easier to look at moderate or a slow growth options that do not have a lot of risk. It is all about determining what is going to work best for the amount of money you are trying to acquire. Overall, a diversified portfolio is going to give you balance that eases the anxiety that comes with losing a lot of money in the stock market.

A Clear-Cut Plan

When you talk to a retirement planner and start investing on a regular basis you will be more comfortable. You will have a clear-cut path to what it takes to save for your retirement. What you may want to consider doing is getting this money taken out as part of an auto draft. When you get it taken out of your check automatically you are not going to miss it. If you have this money at your disposal at any month it may be easier for you to spend excessively and tell yourself that you will double up next month. An emergency can happen during the course of the next month, and you will find yourself spending money that should have been allocated for retirement all over again. Once you know the clear-cut path for your retirement goals you should set up auto draft and stick to this. Every month that you are taking away money from your retirement plan equates to a month where you are not receiving the compound interest. This has a domino effect that essentially prolongs the amount of time that it takes to earn what you expected to acquire. The end result will be that you will work longer because you have cheated yourself out of retirement funds by not sticking to your plan.

Save But Enjoy

What you have to learn to do after everything is established is enjoy the rest of your income. Set aside money for retirement, and put this on autopilot. From this point, you should stop worrying about saving for retirement. You should consult with your financial planner on a regular basis if you have one. Make changes if you are seeing losses that are greater than you soon. It’s okay to make changes to your portfolio, but resist the urge to worry about it.

Look at retirement as something that you must prepare yourself for. Put the money inside and prepare to save accordingly. Do not stress and keep yourself up at night about what your retirement plan is doing every day of the year. Put money aside to enjoy yourself. Learn how to balance work and play with the money that you have. You must still find out how to save for retirement and enjoy life right now.


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