What is Going on With Our Climate Today, and How Will it Effect us in the Future?

Written by: Lauren Topper

Many years ago, there was a time where the Earth was relatively cool. However, in recent years the temperature of our Earth has risen by nearly 1.5 degrees C. This coupled with an increase of natural disasters, is a precursor to what humans have done to our planet. That’s not to say that we can’t stop it. However, we have scared our Earth bad enough that it is heating up rapidly. So, what do we do to change this?

What has been going on in the last few centuries that our Earth is heated up so rapidly? Well, greenhouse gases have been emitted at an alarmingly frequent rate. carbon dioxide is one of the main contributors of this. The numbers for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are higher than it’s ever been. There used to be a time when our Earth was relatively warm. However, those times are over as we have seen heat increases in every single month since the 1950s. The summer has gotten hotter not just during the day but at night as well. If something isn’t done soon, the Earth could heat up rapidly and species could die off.

Earth in the past 50 years has risen 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is a bit of a warning sign from the earth telling us to stop doing what we’re doing. Are greenhouse gases stay within the atmosphere and cause a blanketing effect that would warm our Earth. Greenhouse gases are caused by the carbon monoxide emissions from our vehicles. This is not to say that we can’t drive vehicles, however, it would be more realistic for us to drive energy efficient vehicles like electric cars are hybrids. So, why has it risen so high in the last few decades? Well, it’s due to human interference. As we grow industrially, we are allowing more greenhouse gases to escape our factories blanketing on Earth and all of these harmful gases that will no longer allow the heat to bounce back out of our atmosphere.

Speaking of heating up, due to the increased heat there have been more increases in natural disasters. More Wildfire starting, as an example Look at California, Tennessee, Nevada, New Mexico. As well as an increase in hurricanes and typhoons. Hurricanes and typhoons develop stronger when the air is warmer around them, and thus with a warmer atmosphere, they can grow stronger. We have had many strong hurricanes in just the past two decades alone. Shocking as that is, it’s mainly due to our interference in the natural environment. Again, thanks to greenhouse gases and carbon emissions from day-to-day life here for us, weather patterns are getting stronger, our atmosphere is heating up, and hurricanes are strengthening as well as typhoons. Wildfires are raging throughout the United States and many other countries, due to the Earth’s heating up rapidly.

Now, that’s not to say that we can’t stop it. However, our Earth has been scarred badly enough to where we can halt any further progression of global emissions, but we can’t revert it. So, the only thing that we can do for our environment is to halt spreading Global emissions of gas that can harm our atmosphere. This means that we should drive more energy efficient cars, reduce the pollution of factories, or hold it all together, and carpooling to work would cut down on global emissions. That is not saying that you can’t drive your car anymore, just if you do drive your car try not to drive it all over the place as it is admitting global gas that can and will harm our atmosphere. So, next time you’re offered to carpool to work or to school, accept the carpool and reduce the pollution to the air. This will be a better breathing environment for you your children and everybody out there.

Our climate has shifted so much over the past 50 years, that it can’t be due to anything other than human involvement. Previously, in many other generations, it hasn’t been as hot as it has in our current generation. Our climate is changing, and if we don’t act to stop it then we will and up heating on Earth beyond repair. Our ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and it is due to the heating of our atmosphere. So, why has our climate change so much? Simply because as we progressed as a civilization, we create things that are harmful to our environment, and therefore are damaging to us. Even though these things may be very helpful to us in our daily lives, they could be hazardous in the long-term effect of our Earth.

So why are polar ice caps melting? While evidence of the ice caps melting has been documented since before the 19th century, it hasn’t melted as rapidly as what it currently is. This is also due to human interference, and the only thing we can do about it is to listen to what people are saying about our environment becoming polluted. Big companies don’t want you to believe that they are at fault for are being scared and heated, but in actuality they are partially to blame. As is everybody who helps add to the pollution of fuel emissions, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

So, what does this mean for our Earth? Well, our carbon dioxide levels have risen to the highest heights they’ve ever been in history. The number of wildfires is concerning, as trees and plants give off oxygen. If we lose the trees and their plants then we lose our oxygen, and therefore nitrogen and carbon dioxide will end up making our Earth unbreathable for humans and animals. The rapidly melting ice-caps is concerning because that is what cools our planet. Natural disasters will continue to get worse as greenhouse emissions continue. So, in the near future, our Earth could become uninhabitable by humans simply because of how hot it gets and the air becoming unbreathable. it may not happen in our generation, but it could happen in the future generations to come.


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