Handing Out Fantastic Career Tips For Present Day Job Seekers

Written by: Lauren Topper

In this day and age there are people looking to have great careers, and for some reason are not really enjoying the paths that it take to get that dream job. You have to understand that not all jobs have an overnight success rate with men and women like yourself at the top. You have to learn that before you can get that vice president, you have to start at the bottom and learn the company. Of course, no one said that it was going to be easy. Climbing those ladders of success requires some humbling, lots of knowledge, and hard work. At any rate as a person in your 30s and up, you need to look at several pieces of career advice that will help along your path to the top spot that you are wanting to reach so badly.

1. Be Grateful For The Small Start

You are probably loathing minimum wage just like most people. However, if you have been in the workforce for a while and want a dream job position. You need to be the best employee and have the best attitude that will get you noticed. Coming in on time at that job where you have been the mail clerk for going on 10 years now and looking to one of the office jobs where you can have your weekends off is a struggle. However, you need to be grateful for it. There are people who have lost their jobs or can’t find work but you are not in that predicament. If there wasn’t something special about you, you would not even have that mail clerk position. Be thankful you are chosen from the many that wanted that job just like you did. So this gives you an opportunity to climb up that ladder because you are probably working for a company that has lots of room for advancement.

2. Take Up Some Night Courses

It would not hurt to add a Bachelors degree to your resume. If you work during the day, consider going to school at night. There are plenty of universities in your city that offer night courses. You can also go to trade school. They are shorter than a four-year college degree and you can fill out positions that your job may have that you have studied. This means you can talk to someone you know in Human Resources to let them know you graduated in a certain that there is a job opening for and would like to have an interview. The fact that you were always working for the company for a number of years has never had a complaint put against you, just might get you that interview and quite possibly the job. Having some type of training or a college degree will have people to start taking you seriously.

3. Voice Constructive Ideas At Company Meetings

So your boss stated that there was a company meeting and would like for everyone to show up. In some cases it not mandatory in others it is. Make sure you are front and center in all of them. Bring a notepad and pen so you can take notes. Let the boss see that you are interested in what he has to say. Ask questions for clarity on things. When asked if anyone has feedback, after writing down notes, make it known first that you care about the company and the position it’s headed in. Then offer actual ideas that can be used to keep the company at the top of its game. Also, get permission to do an illustration on the overhead in writing if it’s possible to do so. You will leave a lasting impression that will have people looking for you when it comes to ideas. That will also move you up.

4. Take Constructive Criticism With A Positive Attitude

Nobody likes to be criticized. However, you need to grow some tough skin. You may not like everything that will be said to you, but if when thinking about it, there has to be something you can take away from it. That includes if it’s all negative. The closer you get to the top the more tough criticism you are going to have to have. So be ready and stay ready when it comes. People will notice how you handle what they say to you and eroding a positive attitude at all times will assure them that you can handle their pressure.

5. Dress Like You Have That Dream Job

You are supposed to be professional regardless of what you wear. If everyone is wearing jeans and tennis shoes in the mailroom with their shirts hanging out, you don’t have to dress that way. You can wear slacks with a nice button-down shirt or blouse with some comfortable non-slip shoes. Ladies you can also wear the same thing with a nice knee-length shirt. You can dress like this instead of sloppy, and people will mistake you for being one of the upper employees or the supervisor of the mailroom. You may end up finding yourself dressing better than the mailroom supervisor, and either ends up taking that job because people are mistaking you for that person or better. There is nothing wrong with dressing for success. You want to be noticed and stand out.

6. Helping Others

When you have finished all of your tasks, ask the boss if there’s is something that needs to be take care that you help with. If someone does show up for work and they have assignments that need to be done, ask if you could tackle to keep things from being behind. This is a great way to be remembered come promotion time.

This is some great career advice that actually works. You can easily get ahead by following each piece of advice. There will come a day when you will be seen as the person who should move up by promotion.


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