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A work environment is the setting, social and physical surroundings’ under which we work. An environment can either impact you negatively or positively depending on the aura you chose to work around. Growth will always coincide with a healthy working environment.

Amidst the current global pandemic, it’s almost impossible to keep up a positive working surrounding. First lots of companies and industries have laid off some workers due to the social distancing and others find themselves working from home.

Secondly, for those working from home, the new schedule is too much to comprehend. How do you manage to keep up sanity, increase productivity while at the same time not shunning the reality?


Several features make up a work environment; understanding these elements will better place in the type of work environment you prefer.


We have the regular 9 a.m- 5 p.m or the flexible hourly work environment. It’s essential to set standards on which one you prefer.

If you are the jack of trades kind of person, then a regular workplace will probably be suffocating. However, if you are the organized schedule type of employee, then regular set hours will be perfect.

If you are self-employed or working from home, setting up a strict schedule and taking appropriate breaks will increase productivity.

Work Culture

Every company has a way of doing things; it may be in communication, duties and dressing.


A work environment should have benefits to reward the employees and encourage productivity. Some benefits include, however, not excluded to, pension plans, holiday trips, leaves, overtime payments, coupons.


This element incorporates the leaders and subordinates; motivated, positive people will provide a suitable environment while negative staffs will give a toxic environment.

Career growth

Career growth is the extent to which an individual will stretch in developing their professional fields. That’s why some companies will provide workshops and training seminars. However, some organizations will expect you to research and develop yourself. Also, most companies will offer promotions for developed individuals.


A workspace is a real-time physical space in which you operate. It may be an office, garage or a home library.

A pleasant working environment increases productivity, attracts quality workers, reduces the risk of absentee, increases making of better decisions and provides employees with a room to grow. Consequently, the question of how to make a thriving environment for businesses is crucial. Below are some insights.

Effective Communication

Ensure that as an employee or employer, you address matters directly and with precision. As a boss, ensure the company’s objectives are clear to your employees. In case there are any drawbacks approach them direct.

Open To Other People’s Opinion

When there is a mutual exchange of ideas, the outcome is usually very insightful. Secondly, when a view is considered, an employee or employer will feel appreciated.

Even though as a leader, you have the final word, there is more productivity if employees respect you rather than fear you, also ideas work best when they don’t feel imposed.

Create A Motivation Culture

As an employer, ensure that you frequently motivate your best, improving or hardworking employees; this will stimulate more growth from the others and push them to become better, which increases the company’s productivity.

Motivation can be through gifts, breaks or just apprehending them before the others or even a top-up bonus in their salaries.

Stick To Your Lane

Companies or individual businesses hire to fill in a niche in the business, consequently, avoid overstepping in other peoples boundaries. While you can give opinions and suggestions, avoid controlling how they do their work. If you are an employer, let the employees do their job and intercede only when deemed necessary.

Too much preying makes employees anxious, uncomfortable, and this can significantly cost productivity by limiting creativity.

Take The Lead

As an employer, you oversee that there are smooth operations within the business. Respectfully give directives, encourage active participation, most importantly maintain a positive attitude. People bounce back what they get if as an employer, you are grumpy and always a complainer your employees are likely to give that back.

Incorporate In Vocational Activities

Work without play makes people dull. After 8 hours of work, a break can ease tension and give room for reflection. As an employer, although respect among your employees is crucial, you need to balance being a professional and integrating several light moments.

Create an environment where employees don’t see you as the rival but as part of their team. Adapting a staff hike or retreat can create a rep o with your employees and improve their relationship among themselves.

If you are working from home, you probably own a business or forced to due to the pandemic. Below are some incentives on creating a thriving work environment.

  • Create a regular work schedule; waking up preparing and dressing up for work; this will psychologically push you through the day.
  • Award yourself with a gift, maybe an episode of your favorite show or a snack whenever you attain the day’s objectives.
  • Set-up a workspace away from the family’s distraction, operating an office in a household can be quite challenging. Whenever you feel too distracted or suffocated, take a break, meditate, you can even incorporate some yoga.
  • Ensure to keep the team updated and prepare before a zoom conference; this ensures composure and dependability.
  • Maintain orderliness in your workplace. Crowded spaces psychologically cause tension and displacement of some things which lead to time wastage and distractions.
  • Maintain high levels of discipline, especially if working from home is something you are learning; strict control is vital. Monitoring will help you maintain the set objectives and keep you focused.

Finally, if you happen to work in a negative environment, the best thing is to air out your views and set an example following the above guidelines. A toxic working environment can lead to poor relationships, reduced productivity and in extreme cases, depression, primarily where authority is dictated and imposed.


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