Importance of Financial Planning for Individuals and Businesses

Written by: Michael Thomas

Saving for college, purchasing a home, retirement planning. Everyone has financial goals, but making them come to pass is where the real challenge is. Military members find it challenging to achieve these goals especially because they are always on PCS moves and frequent deployments.

However, whether you are a business or an individual, it is essential to create a financial roadmap to create the right route to achieve your business and personal financial goals. This is where financial planning comes in handy.

Financial planning offers a mean for you to direct your business decisions, by helping you to identify and prioritize your financial goals, you can quickly know the relationships among various areas of your finances. Once you have a financial plan in place, you can now work on the “what if” situations and figure out the impact of your financial decisions on your success.

Here are more reasons why financial planning is essential for both businesses and individuals, and it plays a crucial role in the success of any company or person.

It Helps You Secure the Future of Your Family
Creating a safe and secure future for your loved ones is a crucial part of financial planning. Savings arising from financial planning can be resourceful when things are tough. It helps you face struggles when facing economic challenges in your life.

For example, a comprehensive insurance policy will help keep your family safe in case of difficult times and medical visits. It also helps them to plan for the future.

Inflation is known as the worst destroyer of purchasing power. Inflation makes money loses its value. This is because there are high demand and less supply, which in turn, increases prices. Analyzing current and future changes, this is posed to increase. To sustain inflation, you should plan your finances accordingly to make sure the inflation does not affect you in the future.

Long Term Goals
Some milestones are paramount in life. Whether it is the education of your children, house, family car, or marriage, it is essential to achieve these goals. Financial planning allows you to make the proper financial plan to meet your financial needs in a given period. It is wise to plan early because investment options may make much money over time. So, this is the best time to invest your money to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Marketing Strategy
A business marketing strategy gives you a well-defined task for your business. You must strategize, execute, and implement. Planning will help you identify the most crucial strategy that you must implement first. You should also be able to measure all the plans that you have for your business or yourself and should be able to grow your business.

The marketing department of your company may be professionals at making campaigns, understanding all the aspects of marketing that are functioning well, and areas that require a lot of improvement. In the end, however, it all depends on the financial advisors who have to conduct research and carry out analysis to assess whether or not investing money in a given strategy is worth the effort.

While creating a business marketing strategy, you must view the ratio of expense and profits, or do what is called cost-benefit analysis on each of your strategy that is designed for the business. This will give you an idea of which strategies should be pursued first.

You have heard of the cliché saying, “prevention is better than cure.” When it comes to money, it is always crucial to get ready than to regret later. Of course, there may be unexpected and unavoidable times in the future, which may significantly affect your goals. Financial planning helps you get ready for circumstances without compromises your primary objectives.

Asset Creation
Assets give you some form of peace of mind and comfort. You must understand the actual value of your assets. Financial planning can give such insights for asset creation and ensure that you invest in assets that do not burden you in the future.

Happy Retirement
While achieving your professional and family duties, you should plan your life after you have retired. Financial planning lets you create sufficient wealth for a peaceful retirement. For a better and brighter tomorrow, you must plan today.

Well, now that you know the benefits of financial planning, you might be wondering where to start. Regardless of your budget, there is always help for you. There are numerous choices for sensible financial advice. Here are some standard options for your consideration.

These are automated services that can help to create and manage investment portfolios for you. They are ideal if you are looking for investment management. However, some services provide access to financial advisors or planning tools to answer basic queries. These services charge approximately 0.25% of the investment amount you have, and most have even lower investment requirement,

Online Financial Planning Services
These services provide virtual access to financial consultants at a cheaper rate than ordinary in-person consultants. Some firms march each advisor to a client. The financial advisor then creates a financial plan for the client. Other companies give you access to an unlimited number of financial consultants.

Moreover, online planning services provide investment management services. The companies charge a flat rate of about 400 dollars per annum or a percent of the investment. The percentage ranges between 0.30 and 0.9 percent per annum. The minimum investment amount requires a range of between 0 and 100,000 dollars or even more.

Tradition In-person Financial Advisers
The traditional in-person financial consultants provide a broad array of services such as financial planning, investment management, and specialized advice such as addressing insurance needs, tax planning, or estate planning. Ordinary financial consultants charge a small percent of the amount invested and a median fee of approximately 1 percent.

Some financial consultants, however, charge by the hour or by the plan. Note that some conventional financial consultants refuse to work with people who do not have a sufficient amount to invest. However, this amount varies from one financial expert to another.


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