Infrastructure, Interlocking Components All Working Together For A Common Cause.

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Infrastructure in today’s world has several different meanings. However, all of these meanings come down to a singular thought. All components are part of a larger picture with these components working together for a common cause. These common causes can come in many shapes and sizes. These causes can be small, like an individual’s happiness or significant, as the safety and security of a country. The underlying facts show infrastructure has a common goal. Success, safety, or happiness are all aspects of the goal. It depends on the individual purpose of the foundation.

This thought illustrates the features of an organizational system. This system today could be a city, a transportation system, or even roads. In another meaning, you could say that the military installations of the country are an infrastructure. The bottom line is that when all the components are combined, they link together to provide a great source of coherent thinking or power.

Concerning the military, you would consider all the soldiers, equipment, bases, and ports as an integral part of this infrastructure. All of the soldiers use the equipment. The equipment is moved around or to the base, and bases are linked together to provide safety and security for the country. They are connected by physical and technological means. This linking helps the various separate entities all work together for the common good.

Physically these locations are linked by roads, air travel, water, and even by sites on maps whereby you can move from one point to another unimpeded. This physical movement allows for the military to transfer troops and assets where it serves the best purpose. It may be to quell violence or to protect the population from threats. Coordination leads to the most efficient use of assets in a given scenario. This efficient use of assets is what leads to success. When all aspects of the infrastructure are operational on the same level with a common goal in mind, any segment of the infrastructure will achieve its desired goals. A domino effect is present, and in the end, all sectors for the infrastructure contribute to the overall success.

Technological linking of infrastructure is also essential. This communication via technology allows for the military to coordinate the movement of the assets. Technology allows the entity to tell the various legs of the military where to be and what to do. From this standpoint, you can see that the physical and technological aspects of infrastructure need to work together, thereby creating a successful entity.

Education is an excellent example of infrastructure. You can start with the teachers, the elementary schools, the middle and high schools, and the college system to illustrate the infrastructure of our educational system. Yes, in some areas, it may be flawed, especially considering that some of the components, the colleges, require private funding. This tuition tends to skew the logistics of the infrastructure. In the end, though, this infrastructure educated students for age seven on up to adulthood. Education is a long-term structure as it can span from 12 to 16 years of one’s life. Still, the purpose of the infrastructures is realized throughout this period.

This infrastructure can be applied to your local community by looking at the various departments. Transportation, Governing, Health and Safety, Public Works, and even taxes are all departments that would be considered spindles of the wheel. This wheel would be the infrastructure of the community. Working together with physical and technological means, the departments coordinated so that by working together, these departments can provide a safe and secure community. Also, this coordination helps make this coordination financially advantageous for the city and its residents. Security and safety are results from the success of all of these individual segments working together.

Now, this is a more extensive look at infrastructure. You could focus on individual units that have infrastructure within themselves if you were to look at a fire station. The firemen would be a component of the equipment. The Trucks, hoses, and ladders are all the equipment sot the firemen need to use the equipment to better the station. All of the fire stations would them work together to extinguish large fires. These stations would all be part of the infrastructure of the city or county. The main thought is all components from the smallest unit to the most extensive all work together for the common cause.

Now today, we can look at the business to illustrate infrastructure in a very similar manner. With the state of business in the world today, we can see how the focus needs to be refocused on a reliable infrastructure. The failure of business today can be traced back to not following the laws of infrastructure. The smallest key component, the individual worker, is just as crucial as the managerial staff, the financial staff, and the owners and creators of the business. Without following these laws, the various spindles of the wheel no longer work together to fulfill a unified purpose. Once crucial components are all overlooked, there is no way for a business to become and stay successful.

In the end, infrastructure is a general term for considering the coordination of assets to achieve an overall goal for the larger entity. This structure is related to business, politics, social, or even education. Infrastructure can be used in many different ways and areas to help achieve success. This success can be social, monetary, or even the ability to make a level of safety and security. On its own, infrastructure is a very general term, so it is up to the person, company, or government using it. The most important observation is all levels of components need to be involved and appropriately coordinated. All levels are equally crucial for the system to work correctly and achieve the end goal from the smallest segment to the overall entity.


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