One Of The Best Parts Of Life Is Reaching Old Age

Written by: George Smith

The life expectancy for the average person has increased which means that people are living longer lives, and enjoying the golden years. Millions more people are growing to be in their 90s, with some making it to 100 years of age. The average life expectancy for women is 85 years, and for men 75 years. This could be attributed to the modern and innovative advances that are being made in technologies and science. Old age is not what is used to be. Older adults are seen jogging along the paths, working out in the gyms, working on part time jobs, and being foster parents well over the age of 60. Some are refusing to retire at 65 because they still have the same energy, motivation, and ability to do the job.

Old age is not a stigma any more. It just means that people have more time to impart some of their experiences, skills, and knowledge. They can bring history to light for the many young people who are interested in getting first hand information about what happened during the era in which the older adult lived. People in the older age bracket enjoy being fun loving, and having good times. Spending time with family and friends, especially the grand kids, have a very special meaning to them. Grandmothers are still the best cooks, and only get better as the years go by.

Common conditions that come with old age

As people age, some common health conditions may arise. Many older adults have to deal with vision loss for various reasons. They could have low vision, or health related eye disorders. Many people with diabetes may suffer from Diabetic Retinopathy which involves the retina and cornea of the eye. This could result to the need for surgery, or it could cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Other eye diseases are experienced by older adults that could cause low vision to the point where eyeglasses or contact lens will not help. Older adults must keep in mind that they must have their eyes checked at least once, or twice, per year.

Another condition that is common to aging is bone and joint disease. The bones may become brittle partially due to inactivity, or the older adult may develop arthritis, or osteoporosis. Other common ailments that older adults are susceptible to include high blood pressure, muscular ailments, cardiovascular disease, and hearing loss. Some cognitive impairment could also occur as people age. This could be a minor memory loss, or develop into something more serious.

What to do to stay healthy during old age

Older adults are not always aware that sometimes a lifestyle change is necessary for their good health and well being. It is important for people over 55 years of age to stay physically active. If this is something that they are not accustomed to doing, it is never too late to start. A simple walk around the block, or path at the park, is a good way to get started. Many older adults enjoy gardening which is a good activity for getting the body moving. Joining the local senior center, or an exercise class at the YMCA would perfect to get and keep the heart pumping strong. Being consistent with any activity would help an aging person.

The older aged person must also learn to change their diet to include healthier foods rich in much needed nutrients. They may have a habit of snacking on sweet treats and salty chips, but this habit needs to be changed to include nuts, and more fruit. Fish should become a staple for their dinner meals because it is a good source of Omega 3 which is good for the heart. Staying active will keep the older adult alert while also improving their overall health. It will help them avoid nights where they have trouble sleeping, and eliminate the need for a caregiver because they have gotten sedentary. If the older person is taking prescribed medication, it is vital to stay in contact with the doctor for on time refills, and more essential to take the medicines on time as prescribed.

There are many good things about becoming older

Many older adults can agree that one of the best things about getting older is having a happier outlook on life. Gone are the worries of raising a family, working nine to five, paying bills, and getting the kids ready for school or those doctor appointments. This is the time when older adults can truly focus on themselves, and do some of the things that they never had an opportunity to do before. They can enjoy spending time with the grand kids, and send them back to their parents after a while. Some older adults have had secret passions that they never revealed because there wasn’t enough time. They can now be involved in civic activities, or volunteer at one of their favorite charity organizations, or helping people in nursing facilities.

Although, for some people of an older age, the income may be slightly less than when they worked, they still want to enjoy life. This is the time that they can enhance their social skills and activities. They can spend time out with their peers, dancing and listening to music, or vacationing. The senior can take that trip that they have wanted for years. They can visit places that they love, and take their time observing sights, and experiencing different cultures.

Old age does not mean an end of life, but a renewed opportunity to do new and different things. Becoming an older adult also means that people will look to you for wisdom, and to have solutions to many of their problems. It is a time to laugh, sing, meet new people, and be happy. People who reach their golden years have the freedom to do as they desire, within reason. They have a vast knowledge of nearly every subject that relates to people. It is a joy to be in their company, and listen to them as they share some of life’s vital lessons. Most people think that old age starts at 60, but if an older person is asked, they will say that old age starts at 95.


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