Preparing For Your Child To Attend College Takes Financial Planning

Written by: Lauren Topper

Before a baby is born the parents are already thinking about sending them to college. For the next 18 years, this is a thought that can turn into worry. You want to be prepared to send your child to college, but are uncertain as to how to begin the process. Many parents have started college funds for their children when they were young, but with every emergency came a dip into the college fund. This always seemed to be the most available money for those excess medical bills, home improvements that could not wait, or to get another vehicle when the current one breaks down.

When the college fund does not materialize, you start to wonder if your child will get to college at all. One thing that may work is to encourage your child to be an A student. You help with homework, send them to get enrichment courses during the summer, and provide them with the best high tech games, and learning utensils on the market. You limit their play time to be replaced with learning time. Their weekends are spent with their heads in books, or being engaged in something educational. The child does not have the opportunity to be a well rounded person. All of this is occurring during their elementary school years. Their social skills are being hindered, and they are getting bored with learning.

You try a different approach for getting your child in a good position to attend college. As they get closer to the middle school years, you hope that enrolling them in a private school may be the answer. Here they may be assured a better student teacher ratio, and guaranteed a child centered learning environment. You have heard others discuss the fact that children from private schools do better on testing, and how these schools help close the education learning gap. You take into consideration everything that you have read and heard, and make the decision that this is worth a try. You want your child to be eligible for an academic scholarship if possible.

The change to a private school is not providing the expected results. Your child is lethargic in class, and not earning the grades that you hoped for. During the last year of middle school, you want the child to develop an interest in sports. The girls have a Volleyball team, and a basketball team. The boys have volleyball, basketball, and football. Your child has not had much experience, nor the time to develop any interest in these sports, but you talk them into participating. Getting them into college by any means necessary seems to be at the fore front of every situation for your child. By the time they are ready for high school, most parents are getting panicky. You are bewildered, and do not have alternatives for funding college for your child.

To avoid being in this predicament while your child is growing up, setting up a college fund is much easier than most people realize. This is an important part of life for parents and children, and should be trusted to someone who knows how to do financial planning. The best time to start is indeed when the child is very young. It is not enough just to start a regular savings account for them because something more pressing will come up during the course of the child’s life. Parents can be educated in finances, and learn what to do in order to successfully maintain a college fund for the child. This fund should be untouchable.

Oftentimes, people will set up a savings that can be a payroll deduction. In this manner, the money is deposited into the account before you see it. Some savings accounts set up in such a way that in order to withdraw from it, you would have to treat it as a loan, and borrow from it. This is a more efficient way to save for college, and still be able to have the use of emergency money when needed, as long as it is repaid. In the modern, technology advanced society of today, a college education is needed to get a decent job. Even the jobs that once required a high school diploma are now requiring at least an Associates degree.

It is difficult to survive in this world today without a college education. Things are changing so much to the point that college is needed to get ahead in any employment. Professional athletes and entertainers realize that once their career have reached a certain point, and they no longer have the desire to sing, act, or play sports, they will need their college degrees. These are people who usually change directions many times in life, but even they could not go further without a college education. Mainstream America is college oriented, and children are taking college prep courses when they first enter high school.

Your child does not necessarily need to be in a private secondary school to get the best education. High schools in every state of the nation are preparing their students for a college career. Your child may receive a scholarship, and they may not. There are many grants that students can apply for when entering college, and these grants do not have to be paid back. If college is in the future for your child, do not stress over whether or not you will have the money when the time comes. It is never too late to start a college fund, you just have to be consistent with it. Research some of the various grants and the qualification for receiving them. Colleges have financial aid assistants that will gladly introduce your child to whatever is available that they may be eligible for.

Colleges are great institutions of higher learning that are increasing enrollment with every passing year. The tuition was rising, but the government is working to cap these amounts. The number of high school graduates who are accepted into colleges has grown over the past decades. In some schools, there are at least 75% of the student body going off to college the following Fall. The ideal number would be 100% of all high school graduates going to college, then the future would be brighter for everyone because you will know that smart, educated people will be running the country one day. Talking to your child about college while they are young will help instill in them the importance of going, and a desire to attend the college of their choice.


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