Profitable and Green Business Ideas Which You Can Take a Loan to Invest In

Written by: Jennifer Watkins

As we approach the second and last half of this year, you might be looking for the best, profitable and green business ideas you can invest in. Indeed, you not only need a business idea that can yield high profits, but one that is eco-friendly, and that’s a great choice. An eco-friendly business idea guarantees you amazing profit margins and at the same time does not harm the world’s eco system. Such an idea will promote the existence of green lifestyle.

There are many green business ideas you will come across, which have been operational for both short and long periods. However, most of these ideas might look unfavorable to you because of various reasons. For instance, you are likely to encounter stiff competition from those who have been in the business for a longer time than you, strict and unfavorable regulations, and high volatile prices which will contribute towards a low profit. But you can never go wrong with green business despite all the challenges.

There are many profitable and green business ideas which you can comfortably invest in before the start of year’s second half and still get long-term profits. Let’s dig deeper and learn more about these business ideas.

Low Energy Lighting

Everyone is working tirelessly to raise an extra coin that can help them cater for their bills – no one is willing to waste their money. Remember your last three or six month electricity bill that was so high above your budget, and you had to take a soft loan to settle it? That is why, if there were any more efficient and cheap energy lighting alternatives, you would never hesitate to use. Similarly, everyone out here is yearning for such low energy lighting alternatives, which makes it one of the best and profitable green business ideas you can choose.

Low energy lighting is a profitable green business for its cost saving since it involves very low if any expenditure. Its cost effective feature will attract its use by many people. As a result, numerous individuals are likely to embrace the long term use of this lighting. This will facilitate your business achieving a large profit margin. Other than its projected profit margin, this business cost saving feature in a high pricing monopolistic industry will enable it operate for decade without witnessing any rampant losses.

For instance, you can start a business that manufactures high voltage solar panels which are flexible even when there is little or no sun. Alternatively, you can start energy projects, which install a small wind mill within ten homesteads. The wind mills ought to provide enough and sufficient energy for all the 10 homesteads. This would make sure that the wind mill as an alternative energy is still efficient just the previous. On top of that, you can charge all the uses pocket-friendly costs, which should be cheaper than the previous charges. This will help in reducing the energy cost burden among the users, thus ensuring that your alternative energy is cost effective.

Designer Up-cycling

While recycling has been a demand reduction method for both energy and raw materials, doing it on an industrial scale requires huge financial investment. This makes industrial scale recycling a suitable business for government organization and large corporation, rather than a single individual like you. However, all is not lost, for you can still practice designer up-cy-cling.

Designer up-cycling is whereby you engage in small scale recycling. For this, you will be giving items a new life lease, just like Retro and Vintage. The two are some of the best up-cycling designers for both furniture and clothing. Other than clothing and furniture, you can up-cycle other types of items for you only need the ability to identify potential in the most-overlooked items and a good taste of style. Although it may seem worthless, it is a noble business idea because there has always been and always will be a massive shortage of quality, affordable materials.

Electric Vehicles Spare-parts and Accessories

Gone are day when you could only get gasoline vehicles, for you can now come across electric vehicles. Although they are a new bunch of vehicles, by now, they are many and are widespread all over the globe. Just like other type of vehicles, their existence calls for the presence of readily available spare parts. For instance, these vehicles will tear and wear, thus requiring a replacement of the affected parts through their unique spare parts.

In spite of the current existence of these vehicles, there is very scare if any business that entirely deals with selling their unique spare parts. As a result, the business has very few competitors, which accounts for low competition. In most cases, low competition favors new business, which is why this should be among your first business idea to invest in before the start of this year second half.

Veganism and vegetarianism

Not just you, but almost everyone is moved by the aroma and taste of meat. The great urge of meat by individuals has contributed to the high demand of meat. As a result, there has been large production of meat, seeking to satisfy the high human desire, demand and consumption for meat. In spite of fulfilling the current demand, this large production has been adversely affecting the environment. For instance, meat production contributes to methane production, which is a harmful greenhouse gas.

A secure alternative to satisfy the high demand of meat is veganism and vegetarianism. This is one of the current businesses that are gradually increasing all over the globe. The business has a significant and growing market to both the production and retail vegan and vegetarian products. This kind of market promises that the business will attain long-term and large profit margins. Therefore, vegetarianism and veganism should be among your priority profitable and green business ideas that you should invest in before the year ends.

Eco-Friendly Salon

If cosmetology is one of your areas of interest you should think about investing in a cosmetic business. In so doing you will take advantage of the latest innovations and production of organic and vegan beauty products. One such product is the vegan hair.

You can start up a hair salon which uses not only the vegan hair but other related products such as vegan polishes and all-natural shampoos. This business might seem to encounter stiff competition from the modern inorganic salon. However, it may thrive well if it’s approved by the necessary authorities such as Mother Nature. Also, the business will need to offer good customer service and quality beauty services such as spa treatment at pocket-friendly costs.

Parting Shot

You need to end your year with not only some good cash, but also a long term investment. Forget about that Bitcoin investment idea that you have been hearing about numerously, and take a moment and consider these new green business ideas. For instance, you can set up a retail business for selling electric vehicles spare parts, a business that offers low energy lighting or a designer up-cycling business which is different from a paper and plastic recycling business. These are a few of the new green business ideas that are worth taking a loan to invest in. If you invest in these ideas, you are guaranteed of high profit returns and a business that promotes green lifestyle.


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