Save Money Using Coupons

Written by: Lauren Topper

What better way is there to describe the concept of coupons than with the age old adage “a penny saved is a penny earned”? Saving money that you already have is tantamount to earning more money. Coupons exist exactly for this purpose. These little gems have been around for decades, and if you have used them before, which you probably have, you know the drill. Saving money means spending less money, and coupons help you spend less money. Let’s explore some more information about coupons.

Coupons are little vouchers that entitle people to discounts on a particular product. They are most commonly used for groceries, toiletries, and home cleaning supplies.

Using coupons is an easy way to save a few dollars, and when done with skill, it can yield hundreds of dollars in savings every month. Anyone can get their hands a few great coupons. They are found on social media sites, websites, in newspapers, and in magazines. In the past, stores and newspapers were almost the only places where coupons could be found. Today there is a wealth of them online. A few popular websites where you can find several coupons are:,,, and A quick google search for coupons on specific products is another easy way to find them.

People can maximize their savings by participating in something called couponing. Couponing is pretty easy to get into. When a person partakes in couponing, they collect several coupons and use them strategically during shopping so that they can spend the lowest possible amount of money for those items. Getting discounts on already discounted products is the main goal of couponing. Interested in becoming a couponer? There are a variety of step by step guides on couponing that are available for free, but you do not really need them. When it comes to coupons, basically all you have to do is find them, collect them, organize them in a binder or file folder, bring them with you when you go shopping, and remember to take them out when purchasing products. Couponing requires some searching and can be time consuming, but more often than not people say it is worth it.

Having access to these potential savings for free is how many people can stock their pantries and refrigerators without blowing their budgets. This privilege makes a big difference in the lives of many, especially ones in the middle class.

Being financially responsible involves saving money when necessary and when possible. This involves making smart choices on where and how you spend your money. Being price conscious and being willing to seek out savings are how financially responsible people find great coupons to use, resulting in great discounts.

Coupons can be issued by manufacturers (the creators of the product) or by retailers (stores that sell that product), which makes a difference in how they can be used. As you may already know, retail coupons can only be used at certain stores while manufacturer coupons can be used at any store. Combining manufacturer coupons with retail coupons allows people to purchase products at an even lower price.

Promo codes and coupon codes have become common methods of receiving a discount. Coupon codes are basically the same thing as coupons but without paper. Coupon codes, more often referred to as promo codes, are codes that people use to receive a discount. The “promo” in promo codes is short for promotion, which refers to the marketing tactic where a discount is offered for a product in order to increase publicity of the product and encourage people to buy it. The codes can be found on websites, in emails, in newspaper ads, and other places. If using the code online, it is entered during the payment process so that the discount is applied. If using the code in person at a store, the code is shown/said to the cashier and they are able to apply it.

Both coupons and promo codes usually come with expiration dates and some other restrictions. Some coupons expire very quickly (within a week or two) of their printing. While others last for months. Needless to say the ones that last for months are the preferred ones, especially in the case of people who are serious about couponing.

Longer lasting coupons are easier to pair with other coupons and with retail-specific weekly deals. Coupons that do not expire soon allow you a better chance to (potentially) pair them with similar coupons. It takes time to find an opportunity to get the best deal on something. You may have a great coupon for a product that your local store sells, but another store within reasonable distance could be having a sale on that same product. To maximize your savings, you can use that great coupon at the store with the sale. But this will not happen if your coupon expires before find out about the sale.

Other restrictions involve how coupons are combined, if they can be used on a product of a certain size or count, and sometimes if they can be used on a product that is already discounted. Many people make the mistake of attempting to purchase a product with help from a coupon that is not applicable. Be sure to read the small print on your coupons carefully to ensure you can actually use it for the product you want. There is no bummer like getting to the store with a coupon you really like and then finding out you cannot really use it!

In summary, it is easier than ever to take advantage of coupons. Bringing couponing into your life can help you save significant amounts of money over time. In the process of searching for coupons you will likely come to learn when your favorite stores have sales and you may learn some other things that will help you save money too. Whether using a few coupons occasionally or diving into extreme couponing, you can be sure to get more value for your money.


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Save Money Using Coupons

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