How Technology Is Moving Us Into A New World When It Comes To Our Money

Written by: George Smith

Technology is moving at such a rapid speed that its not too hard to find what you need when it comes to managing our money. We now have access to more banks and currency than ever before. Many of us are stuck in the old days where there was one bank that we visited and made a simple deposit. Now in 2019, businesses is are offering checking accounts and links to their investing portal more often than before. Technology has given us a chance to compete with those that are much more wealthy than us. We have applications that are teaching us about the world of investing and what stocks are good or bad. Further, this new technology such as eBooks and tablets give us this information right in the palm of our hands. Here are some ways that technology is moving us into a new world when it comes to our money.

New Currencies

Who would have thought that we’d see the day when money can be converted into an address. Bitcoin has come on the scene and literally taken over what it means to have money in the bank. This new crypto type of technology has opened up a new world. We now have options to park money on a different kind of stock exchange. This new technology allows everyone to get in on the playing field and make some money. You do need to learn about how this cryptocurrency works, but it certainly is making a lot of unexpected millionaires. Technology is driving us into a new spectrum of thinking when it comes to our money. Businesses or banks are trying to use their platform to get a new kind of customer and taking a lot more chances. They are engaging via chat and solving problems on the spot all to keep you in their customer base. Technology allows them to track how you use your money and what kinds of accounts you are setting up. With new currencies as a an option, you know longer have to rely on managing your money in one place.

Social Media

Social Media has taken on its own regarding our money habits and what we are interested in buying. There is not a platform within any finance company that isn’t giving the customer an eyeful to read about investing and how to join an investment group. Social media brings about a new type of engagement when separating customers from their money. Ads are flashed all day long with additional pops ups asking us if want to buy or should buy. Years ago bank were private and didn’t make much noise. Now you have social media accounts offering rewards such as a pay day loans up against your regular weekly deposits. Technology has brought us the internet and social media blogs are giving us a new perspective. We no longer have to do long searches on foot throughout the community to find the best credit union to park our money.

Online Buying

It’s really still hard to imagine that technology has brought us to the point where about 90 percent of our clothes and household goods are purchased online. Who would of thought that this would be how we’d be getting our latest pair of jeans? It’s happening for sure and it doesn’t look like online buying is slowing down at all. People are now more comfortable with inputting in their credit card info to get those shoes like never before. Businesses are doing everything they can to make sure they don’t lose our trust when if comes to security. It used to be a huge risk putting your card info into a website and waiting for the product to arrive. Now, we don’t give it a second thought as we follow the world of technology to online buying. There are a list of products available now that you don’t even see at local brick and mortar stores. Our focus has turned to our computer systems and we let the technology take us into the reality of getting everything we need from a website.

Online Banking

One of the most shocking things to see that technology has brought us is the online bank. This was unheard of years ago and its still stunning to see it happening now. Conservative banks are now more open to giving saving accounts where you couldn’t get them before. An online bank allows the customer base who is struggling to keep money in a checking account the opportunity to not lose everything. Back in the day, if you used your checking account poorly, it was closed. Further, it was quite hard to get a new one once another bank found out about your last one. Now online banking businesses are reaching out and finding new ways to approach these customers. They are setting up their sites to be more inviting and are set with a list of offers. You can talk to them in a chat room and get your answers or problems squared away within minutes.

It’s a safe bet that we will see technology take us on another adventure regarding our finances. With new currencies entering the market, we no longer may be dependent on cash. Our employers may soon start paying by Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, which is actually happening at some companies. It’s exciting to see what will happen in the next few years when using money to buy stuff in this world. Social media has entered into the picture and approach customers with a bang. The ads are direct and seems to know what you can afford and can’t. Shopping online is allowing us to get our needed goods right from the kitchen table or couch. Soon all of our good will be dropped off by a drone. Online banks are making there way into the market and becoming more trusted than the mom and pop bank down the street. Technology will bring us closer to examining our finances and we will learn to get used to it.


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