Where to Find Coupons

Written by: George Smith

Baby boomers (55-up) use coupons more often than other age brackets, although anyone of any age can save a ton of cash by presenting money-saving deals when they shop. Coupons are more popular than ever before, partly due to the ease of finding coupons in today’s digital world, as well as due to the rising costs of living. A good coupon (offering 25% or more) is easy to find and using just a few offers every week saves a whopping chunk of change each month. Learn the art of pro-couponing and saving hundreds of dollars month after month is easy.

Coupons for just about anything you want or need can be accessed if you know where to find them. Anyone can easily round up a plethora of coupons for everything they need before every shopping trip. Food, entertainment, jewelry, clothing, household goods -whatever you need or want, there’s a coupon for that. Some coupons provide better value than others, although combining multiple coupons in the same transaction ensures each coupon delivers the savings important to the budget.

Where can you find coupons? Just about everywhere. Learn more about the best places to find coupons below. Use each of the ideas on the list and soon, you’ll master the art of couponing and be well on your way to saving hundreds of dollars each and every year. Even starting out in the couponing journey will offer a myriad of savings that encourage you to continue forth on the journey to save more money! Many people possess this skill. Are you ready to join them and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket?

Manufacturer Websites

Write down a list of your favorite brands. Visit the website for each brand. You’ll find coupons, as well as lots of valuable information, tucked in on the website more often than not. Some of the coupons are printable while others are digitized, redeemable by showing the offer or scanning a code from your smartphone device. Companies that do not offer regular coupons may detail information concerning how to get their discount offers. Sometimes a simple request will result in a company sending coupons to you in the mail.


Email newsletter lists, clubs, and programs available from a company or a brand are fun and exciting for fans! Sign up and you’ll be the first to hear about exciting offers from the company/brand, and receive other special goodies, including exclusive coupons. You can sign-up for free for one program or for dozens. Many people use a separate email account for the offers. It’s worth the mere minutes sign-up requires.


Check out local newspapers for coupons. Although the Sunday paper includes a pull-out coupon section, each day’s papers may also include coupons and special offers not available elsewhere. If you subscribe to or read the paper each day or even a few days per week, take a second look for coupons and clip the offers of interest. Be sure to also buy the Sunday paper for access to the best coupons on all of the things that you need and use.


The type of coupons you’ll find inside of magazines depends greatly on the type of magazines you read. For example, if you read life and style magazine, you’ll likely find coupons for products for your life, beauty, health, etc. on the pages. Magazine subscription holders receive extra-special coupon inserts inside of their magazines from time-to-time.

Product Packaging

Take a look at and inside of that box or wrapper before tossing it into the trash. Many product packaging contains valuable money-saving coupons good on your next purchase. Product package coupons usually do not expire for weeks or months after the product expiration date, giving users plenty of time to redeem the offer.

Coupon Website

A large number of websites dedicated to coupons are out there. These websites offer coupons from many brands and products so it’s easy for anyone to find many coupons they’ll use. Most of the coupon websites offer printable coupons, so make sure your printer is ready when visiting the states.

Store Coupons

Store coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons, significantly increasing the amount of money you save on the purchase. Use both types of coupons when you shop. Store coupons are accessible via the store app, their weekly sales paper, and sometimes, on shelves in-store. Take advantage of the store coupons, some of which offer free products!

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing companies often advertise their deals. Sign up and they’ll send coupons to you in the mail. Additionally, many local establishments and companies use direct mail to reach their customers, stuffing the mailbox with deals each week or month. Look in your mailbox to find the coupons and savings and sign-up for offers to receive coupons by mail from available brands.

With an endless number of places available to find coupons, saving money on everything that you want and need to buy is simple. You can save money when shopping both in-person and online if you take advantage of the coupon offers out there. The places on the list above are among the best locations to visit to find money-saving coupons. If you are ready to save money, there’s plenty of sources waiting to help.


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Where to Find Coupons

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