Wind Energy Our Future Resource

Written by: Michael Thomas

Wind energy has become one of the most developed energy when it comes to renewability on the planet. Wind energy produces power by using the wind, and it all starts with kinetic energy created by the change in the air current. Wind energy not only provides a source of renewable energy but brings about the decrease of gases while preserving the ecosystem. Wind energy can be used on farms, homes, buildings, schools, etc. The benefits of wind energy include limitless supply, renewable energy, non-pollutant, diminish the usage of fossil fuel, create jobs and more.

How We Use Wind Energy

A device called a Wind Turbine affixed to a tower captures the energy. 100 feet or more the wind turbines can utilize the lesser voluble winds through their propeller that resemble blades. The turbine blades turns using energy from the wind. The blades act similarly in action to the wings on an airplane. The wind blows and creates pressure downside the blade, which then draws the blades toward the wind. The rotors connected to the shaft on the turbine turn, and the shaft turns when a mixture of lift and drag the rotor to spin.

Ways To Use Wind Energy

Finding new sources for energy has risen in popularity for consumers, and wind energy offers an attractive choice for consumers. Wind turbines may become an additional source of energy in the home. By using wind turbines for their homes, people can decrease their need for the grid, which in turn lower the use of energy consumption. People who work on farms and ranchers may also find wind energy a good source of energy for their needs such as pumping water out of a well, obtaining light and heat to a building, or changing batteries on machinery. Farmers’ benefits don’t stop there though, because they can lease their land to wind developers and receive extra cash. Some farmers may receive as much as 4,000 to 8,000 for each wind turbine. This is a win situation for farmers who now have a supplement income during tougher times, but also the energy used now has been dispatched to the electrical grid giving the world clean energy.

Transportation provides another use for wind energy. Wind energy has been used in transportation for thousands of years. Society as far back as 5000 BC used wind energy to harness sailing. It makes sense that today’s world would use the same power for cargo ships, skysails, shipping companies, windsurfing, land sailing, kitesurfing, and fishing trawlers. With the use of this type of energy, shipping companies cut down on their costs by using less energy. Shipping companies may be able to reduce energy consumption to 30 percent.

Wind Energy Saves Lives

Since no harmful particles exist in using wind energy, then the reduction of health costs would decrease. Because of wind energy decreasing pollution, which causes smog, the chance of an asthma attack diminish. More people use wind energy and solar in the United States, which meant that wind energy help decreases premature death. According to a report by Nature Energy up to 12,700 less premature death occur between 2007 and 2015.

Because of the popularity of using wind energy more people changed to the source and reduce the risk for all us of being exposed to harmful particles from power plants that burn fuel.

Wind energy creates jobs

The Energy Department report known as the Wind Vision Report painted a bright future for wind energy. The Energy Department found that wind energy would play an even more active role by 2050 and create over 600,000 jobs. There finding has spurred a growth in the United State wind industry. Right now there are more than 50,000 wind energy-related jobs those jobs include manufacturers, installing, operating. The industry continues to grow means that those jobs will also grow. For example, wind turbines are built with steel, copper, fiberglass, and aluminum. The increase of these items means more workers needed to handle the material. Due to the popularity of wind energy increasing in different areas of the country, more employees will have transported the wind turbine. Even after the wind turbine arrives at its designated area, employees are needed to set up each turbine and run regular maintenance on them which means dedicated skilled labor will have a job.

Another source of jobs will happen offshore. The US has ports that could enable wind energy development. The turbine installed at these ports will help bring jobs to many skilled maritime employees not to mention the gain communities around the port will receive. In New Bedford, Massachusetts the ports there have been buzzing with wind prospectors. The hope is that the settling of wind energy will help the area as fishing and industrial prospects dwindle. Other states such as New York where Mayor Andrew Cuomo hopes to have 2,400 megawatts of wind power by the year 2030.

Thanks to Wind Energy more jobs are replacing those lost in factories. Wind Energy is introducing careers for the future of America, report the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and that includes veterans. The US hires over 67 percent of the men and women who protected our country now work in the wind industry.

As more cities are becoming aware of a cheaper alternative to energy cities such as Alaska, Kodiak Island, Aspen, Colorado and Rock Port, Missouri, wind energy future has grown brighter every day.


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Wind Energy Our Future Resource

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