What Does The Word “Job” Mean Anymore?

Written by: MoneyPrime Staff

The word “job” can mean so many things. It could be that you physically get up, dress in professional attire, slam some breakfast, stress through traffic, arrived at the office and plop down at your desk for a long day. Yet, today, there are a list of things people are doing which you can be considered a job.  Many are making millions of dollars right from their couch or kitchen table. College students are fed up with the whole student loan prison and are starting to get creative.  No longer is it cool to settle for parking cars, being a waitress or flipping burgers. Many people want more and they are getting it with the speed of technology.  So what does the word “Job” mean anymore?


We all either knew or heard of the person who always played video games and yelled back and forth with a bunch of tweens through a headset. Funny thing is, that person now is immersed into the gaming industry that is now an explosive multi-million dollar machine. They are getting up each day, hopping in their same chair and staying put for nearly 12 hours. The new thing is that this can be considered a job.  Gamers are racking in thousands of dollars from views, donations or belonging to a corporate Esport team. It is jaw-dropping to see where this industry has gone.  Not too many people are laughing anymore about the nerd in the basement. Now that 14-year-old nerd is a millionaire with a brand and corporate sponsors.  It’s a job we thought would never exist.

Remote and Work Home Jobs

There’s been a spike in remote and work at home jobs.  It has morphed from small freelance gigs to huge corporations looking for people to fill remote positions all over the country. The pay is competitive to a desk job and many of them offer great benefit packages.  Years ago, when you told someone you worked at home, many saw you as a struggling entrepreneur that could never it together.  Today, those working at home are making fat salaries one can only envy.  They are operating t-shirt websites from their couch and checking their profits by email.  Other sit in their living room talking to their camera and making real salaries through Google Adsense.  These are the new type of jobs that is among us now.  Working at home now has a significant meaning when talking about employment.

Online stores

Online stores allow people to take on entrepreneurship in a different kind of way.  The new hustle is using a software application to create your own store just like Amazon.  Depending on how long you stick with it and figure out your conversion rates, one can find themselves making more money than any brick and mortar could ever pay them.  In this situation, a person is actually getting more than a job, they are becoming owners of their investment.  This can take years within a physical store where you started in the mail room and worked your way up the latter over 15 years. Online stores are giving people the opportunity to be their own little Kmart in the privacy of their own home. They can learn about all of the intricate details of profit margins or email marketing all through watching a list of demonstration videos.

Video Platforms

There are thousands of video platforms where you can upload a video, create a brand and sell it to the public. This can turn into a full time job and bring people to stardom overnight. It doesn’t take much to get noticed and soon you are managing your own money and supervising yourself. You have just created a job from the living room. These platforms are doing everything they can to keep us engaged. No longer is it just uploading a video, they will teach you how to market it and make money. This is what is driving people to re-define what a job means. Technology has brought us closer to where its possible a larger portion of the population in the next few years will start their day from downstairs at their desk or in bed. Virtual reality is making it possible for us to see a new kind of job forming that has some great perks.


With all the hacking of banking institutes, business accounts or even celebrities, coding jobs have come out as the way to fight back and the opportunities are endless. Corporations have realized that they are living in the dark ages when it comes to cybersecurity. Coding job demands will have a lot of people going to night school to pick up a course and learn the new skill. No longer are front end computer skills impressive to hiring managers. They seek those who can not only code, but hack right back at the culprit that is exposing all of their financial data.

There is no doubt the world is speeding ahead and the meaning of the word “job” will change as well. College kids are getting tired of and fear mounting student loan debt after graduation. They have to start to getting creative when looking for employment. Many are taking more risks and refusing to settle in minimal jobs with no meaning. Gaming is turning teens into millionaires. The gaming industry is getting so serious corporations are offering competitive team spots that come with a salary. Working at home in a remote job will certainly be the new normal in at least five years. Many are not impressed with going out and finding a job. They now seek happiness and freedom. Gone are the days of suffering silently in a dead-end job that doesn’t appreciate them. With this new world of jobs happening, which seems like everywhere, the opportunities are endless. Big business is learning to cut costs and hire freelancers who want more flexibility, often times over more money. We will always need a job, it just comes down to what kind of employment.


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